Globo says FCA probes company on financial irregularities

British mobile technology firm Globo Plc said UK's financial watchdog was investigating the company, just days after it said it was made aware of financial irregularities by its top management.Globo said on Wednesday that it had reported the matter to appropriate law enforcement agencies in the UK, Greece and Cyprus.
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Google could face claim for billions of euros in back taxes following raid on Paris offices

Google could face a claim for billions of euros in back taxes after 100 police and tax investigators raided the company’s offices in Paris as part of an investigation into alleged systematic fraud.

TA-Prozess: Schönegger schuldig gesprochen

Austrian MP Bernd Schönegger (ÖVP) was convicted for contribution of embezzlement in connection with a 120.000 payment from Telekom Austria (TA) to his party ÖVP. Also Michael F., former ÖVP employee and later head of Public Affairs at TA, and a PR manager which was close to ÖVP, were found guilty.

Telekom-Kursmanipulation: Urteil gegen Broker teils aufgehoben

Austrian supreme court partly annulled the conviction of broker Johann Wanovits. Wanovits manipulated the price of Telekom shares and was condemned for embezzlement. He was supposed to go to jail and pay a compensation because in the consequence of the manipulation Telekom needed to pay high premiums. Now the supreme court decided Wanovits could only be accused of fraud and his chase needs to be reviewed again.
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Parteienfinanzierung: Drei neue Anklagen in Causa Telekom

ÖVP politician Bernd Schönegger, former Telekom board member Rudolf Fischer and Telekom manager Michael Fischer are three of the six accused in the Telekom-case. A Telekom subsidiary transferred 119.760 in 2008 to a agency which was responsible for the campaign in Graz. Investigators found a suspicious Email correspondence between Michael Fischer and Schönegger. They are accused of embezzlement.

Telekom-Aff?re: Grazer Politiker und Ex-?VP-Werberin angeklagt

ÖVP politician Bernd Schönegger and five other people are accused in the case about a payment of a Telekom subsidiary to a agency which organized the ÖVP campaign 2008 in Graz. Schönegger denies the imputation. According to the prosecutor the transferred 119.760 were used by the agency to pay ÖVP's campaign.

Telekom Austria - Grazer ?VP-Wahlkampf: N?chste Anklage rund um Causa Telekom

Vienna's prosecutor is accusing former Telekom manager Rudolf Fischer and Michael Fischer of embezzlement. Before elections in Graz 2008 a Telekom subsidiary transferred 120.000 Euro to an agency which was responsible for the ÖVP campaign. An adequate considerations for the payment is missing. Also politician Bernd Schönegger (Graz VP, local ÖVP) and a manager of the agency are impeached in the case.

Untreue - Tetron-Prozess: Drei Jahre Haft f?r Mensdorff, eines f?r Fischer

Former Telekom landline board member Rudolf Fischer and lobbyist Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly are convicted of embezzlement. Fischer for one year Mensdorff-Pouilly for three years imprisonment (unconditionally). Mensdorff-Pouilly got paid 1,1 Million Euros from Telekom. According to the court both accused could not present a comprehensible explanation for the payment. The trail is connected to the scandal about the public awarding of the funk system of Austrians police, emergency calls to a joint venture of Telekom, Motorola and Alcatal. During the allocation Fischer, who had good connections to the decision makers in the issue of ÖVP, was working for Telekom and Motorola.

Mensdorff-Prozess: Gutachter sieht "amateurhaftes" Vorgehen

At Monday the trail against former Telekom manager Rudolf Fischer and lobbyist Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly continued. They are both accused of embezzlement as Mensdorff-Pouilly received 1,1 Million Euro allegedly for counseling for Telekom. The case is connected to the scandal about the public awarding of the new funk systems for the police, emergency calls etc. A joint venture of Alcatel, Motorola and Telekom obtained the acceptance in 2004 though the system is not completely implemented until today.

Prozess: Telekom-Geld im Papiersackerl

The banker and broker Johann Wanovits (57), Ex-Telecom Board member Rudolf Fischer (62), ex-CFO Stefano Colombo (55), ex-officer Josef Trimmel (58) were on trail in Vienna. Again the subject is the manipulation of the Telekom shares in February 2004. All four were condemned before but the Austrian supreme court induced a revision.
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