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Siemens zahlt 37 Mio. Euro wegen Korruptionsfall

After a payment of 160 million shekels ( 37 million euros ) a Siemens korruption case is closed. An agreement was notified on Monday by the Israeli Ministry of Justice. The Ministry investigated if Siemens paid bribe to the company Israel Electric to arrange contracts.
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?Je to p?evrat!? Prezidentka Rousseffov? bojuje, aby nez?stala jen st?nem

President Rousseff did not save even the Supreme Court, which rejected the Attorney General's request to stop the process of Rosseff's dismissed. In the words of Rousseff it comes to a conspiracy of former chairman of the House of Commons, Eduardo Cunha as an ally of Vice President Michel Temer, who could replace Rousseff.

Pod brazilskou prezidentkou se třese židle: Většina senátorů ji chce odvolat

Fall of Brazilian president: Most of Brazilian senators wants to appeal Dilma Rousseff who had manipulated the results of the state budget in an attempt to disguise the growing deficit before the elections.

Korruptionsskandal in Brasilien: Oberstes Gericht setzt Parlamentspr?sident Cunha ab

Supreme Court disposes Brazil's Parliament President Eduardo Cunha. The opponent of head of state Rousseff should have hindered bribery investigation.

Korruptionsskandal: Brasiliens Justiz nimmt Rousseff und Lula ins Visier

In conjunction with the corruption scandal of the oil company Petrobras the Brazilian Justice wants to determine against President Rousseff and her predecessor Lula.

Igor Bavčar za zdaj ostaja na prostosti

Motion to delay the start of prison sentence of Igor Bavčar, former Istrabenz CEO sentenced to 7 years on charges of money laundering, was accepted.

Bavčar ima nov datum, do katerega ga pričakujejo na Dobu

Court in Ljubljana delayed the start of prison sentence to Igor Bavčar, former CEO of Istrabenz, who was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment due to money laundering.

Bavčarja tudi v petek verjetno ne bo na Dob

Igor Bavčar asks for postponment of the sentence, due to health problems.
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Boško Šrot: Zadeva je zelo bizarna!

One of the accussed in the corruption scandal connected with Istrabenz company is shocked by the decision of the court to delay the prison sentence of Igor Bavčar.

Vrhovni sodniki odločili o zadevi Istrabenz, odločitev še ni javna

Court reached a decision on Istrabenz case but the decision is not yet public.


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