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Brasilien: Rousseff sagt Fernsehansprache ab

Threat of impeachment: Dilma Rousseff will not turn to the Brazilian people. Rousseff is accused of having manipulated the budget to ensure her re-election in 2014.
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Korruputionsverdacht - Brasiliens Expr?sident Lula soll als Minister die Regierung retten

Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff is trying to protect her precursor and supporter Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from accusations by giving him a office in the government. As a minister he would be immune against the allegations of money laundering and corruption he is facing currently. For Rousseff protecting da Silva is a difficult step as her support is fading because of the weak economy and corruption scandals.

Drei Millionen Brasilianer demonstrieren gegen Rousseff

About three million people were demonstrating against their president Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. According to polls about sixty percent of the population is for Rousseff's impeachment. Brazil is in a political crisis caused by a weak economy and corruption scandals.

Brasilien - Brasiliens Regierung droht Koalitionsbruch

The corruption scandal in Brazil is weakening president Dilma Rousseff's coalition. The partner of her labor party PMDB might get a majority for dissolve the union. Though there is a thirty day period before PMDB's head Michael Temer can make an ultimate decision.

Sonntag - Massendemonstrationen gegen brasilianische Pr?sidentin

Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff is confronted with big demonstrations and the call for her impeachment. According to Brazilian organisations more then 800.000 demonstrators are expected. The political crisis is caused by the weak economic situation and by the corruption scandal around the state oil company Petrobas. The scandal involves major parts of Brazil's political elite.

Ansichtssache - Tausende Demonstranten fordern R?cktritt Rousseffs

Protests arose as Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff as is got public that she is planing to give her new chief of staff Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva additional competences. Da Silva is accused of corruption and money laundering. Thru his new function he is immune.

Brasilien - Der tiefe Fall der Arbeiterpartei

Political crisis in Brazil and the deep fall of the Workers' Party: José Dirceu, Head of Cabinet of former Brazilian President Lula da Silva, has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for corruption and money laundering.

Brasilien: Transparenz-Minister war zu intransparent - und tritt zurück

Transparency Minister Silveira resigns over leaked recording related to corruption probe at state oil company Petrobas.

Zuspitzung - Brasilien: Auch Interimsregierung nach Ministerrücktritt in Krise

Two weeks after the suspension of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Planning Minister Romero Juca has asked for his temporary suspension. He is accused to have planed to obstruct investigations in connection with the Petrobas corruption scandal.
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Aannemer betaalde Petrobas 34 miljoen euro smeergeld

Eduardo Leite, vice president of construction company Camargo Correa, admitted in court that his company paid 1110 million real (34 million euros) in bribes to Brazilian oil company Petrobras. The payments took place between 2007 and 2012.
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