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Staatskrise in Brasilien: Machtspiele per WhatsApp

Even if the deposition of head of state Dilma Rousseff is not yet certain, their vice from coalition partners PMBD is rehearsing maiden speech.

700 millió dollár készpénzt találtak a korrupt nigériai miniszter házában

Former Nigerian Minister of Petroleum Resources Diezani Allison-Madueke was arrested and the police found 700 million USD in one of her counsellor's flat. She is charged with bribery and money laundering.
Corruption Problem: 

Lemondott a korrupció elleni harcért felelős brazil miniszter

Brazilian Minister of Transparency Fabiano Silveira resigns after leaked records proved that he has given legal advices to politicians under investigation and has tried to help them with insider information.

A saját lányát nevezte ki az állami energiavállalat élére az angolai elnök

President of Angola José Eduardo dos Santos appointed his daughter Isabel to lead a state-owned energy company called Sonangol.
Corruption Problem: 

Ez Magyarországon nem történhetne meg

The Attorny General of Brazil initiated the arrest of leading politicians like former President José Sarney by reason of hindering the investigation of the Petrobras corruption case.

Brasilien: M?gliche Amtsenthebung von Pr?sidentin Rousseff r?ckt n?her

Brazil: Possible impeachment of President Rousseff is getting closer. A parliamentary committee has now recommended to vote for the initiation of impeachment.
Corruption Problem: 

Verfahren gegen Brasiliens Pr?sidentin: Sonderkommission stellt Weichen f?r Amtsenthebung

The impeachment of President of Brazil is increasingly likely: A special commission in Parliament has called for the process.
Corruption Problem: 

Brasilien: Parlament stimmt f?r Amtsenthebungsverfahren gegen Rousseff

Heavy defeat for Dilma Rousseff: Parliament has voted by a clear majority for impeachment against President of Brazil.

Parlament gegen Pr?sidentin in Brasilien: Aufstand der Scheinheiligen

Brazil's Congress shows true colors and votes for impeachment of President Rousseff. Even if there are investigations against nearly 60 percent of the 594 members of Congress, partly because of corruption, vote-buying, kidnapping and murder.

Abstimmung ?ber Amtsenthebung: Rousseff warnt vor "Staatsstreich"

Brazilan president Dilma Roussef tries to prevent impeachment.


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