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County by county: Here?s where all the fuel laundering plants were uncovered over the past five years

OVER THE PAST five years, 31 Fuel Laundering plants have been uncovered and closed down across the country.
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Amtsenthebung von Dilma Rousseff: Eine historische Ungerechtigkeit

Analysis of the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff: She was a weak but honest president of Brazil and was chased out of her office by a mostly corrupt and incompetent political class reform.

Korruptionsskandal: Petrobras k?rzt Investitionen um 32 Milliarden Dollar

Corruption scandal in Brazil: Petrobras cuts investment by 32 billion dollars.

Brasilien: Parlament leitet Amtsenthebungsverfahren?gegen Pr?sidentin Rousseff ein

The Brazilian Parliament has started an impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff.
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Brasilien: Regierungskoalition von Pr?sidentin Rousseff geplatzt

State crisis in Brazil: The most important coalition partner of President Dilma Rousseff has left the government - now she must fear for her office.
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Korruptionsskandal in Brasilien: Petrobras macht Milliardenverlust

Record loss of 8.6 billion euros for Petrobras: Brazilian oil giant is at the center of a political corruption scandal.

Regierungskrise in Brasilien: Erst Boom, jetzt Chaos

The judiciary rejected the appointment of ex-president Lula to cabinet chief. Later, the decision was overturned by a federal court again.

Brasiliens Ex-Pr?sident Lula: Ein Mann, sie zu spalten

Brazil's former president Lula is going to be indicted on disguise of property and money laundering.

Petrobras-Skandal: Ex-Pr?sident Lula wehrt sich gegen Korruptionsvorwurf

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, former head of state of Brazil, has vehemently denied allegations against Corruption and criticized the Brazilian investigating authorities.

Korruptionsskandal: Razzia bei Brasiliens Ex-Pr?sident Lula

The police apparently searched the house of former Brazilian President Lula. According to media reports, in the razzia, several people were arrested.
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