Illicit financial flows and tax crime in mining sector in Indonesia

Indonesia ranks seventh in biggest Illicit Financial Flows (IFF) among developing countries for year 2003-2012. While in 2014, IFF in Indonesia in 2014 is estimated reaching IDR 227.75 trillion ($20 billion). Mining sector contributes IDR 23.89 trillion ($2 billion), mainly derived from trade misinvoicing.

NPU ovadil Boška Šrota, Andrijano Starina Kosem in Marka Zidanška

National committee for inquiry charged Boško Šrot, Andrijana Starina Kosem and Marko Zidanšek for alleged misuse of power and public position in relation with the selling and buying of shares of Velenje coal mine.

Sanctioned firms on Mossack Fonseca books

A number of clients of Panamanian legal firm were under international sanctions

Romania?s Timis Embroiled in Another Mining Controversy

Romanian business man embroiled in another mining controversy
Corruption Problem: 

Swiss watchdog investigates bank collusion in precious metals market

Swiss competition watchdog has launched an investigation into bank collusion in the precious metals market
Corruption Problem: 


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