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Vilniaus valdžia skelbs naują baseino Fabijoniškėse konkursą

Vilnius municipality announces a new tender for the construction of a new swimming pool – the previous winner was a company belonging to MG Baltic

Keičiamos Nacionalinio stadiono statybos sąlygos

The conditions for the construction of the National Stadium have been changed in fear of potential legal risks; while previous conditions were favourable for some companies, the municipality of Vilnius denies that it is related with MG Baltic scandal.

Kauno vald?ia privilegijavo kapini? prie?i?ros ?mon?

Lithuania's Competition Council ruled that Kaunas city minicipality illegally favoured one company to provide maintenance services for numerous cemeteries and funeral service providers.

Viniaus savivaldybė įvykdys VPT reikalavimą – baseino konkursas bus nutrauktas

Vilnius city Council will withdraw the public procurement competition to build a new swimming pool complex in Lithuania's capital, after Public Procurement Office rules the process to have violations involving possible fraud. Beforehand the competition was one by one of the "MG Baltic" holding companies which lately was involved in large-scale corruption scandal involving Lithuania's Liberal party.

V. Matuzo žmoną teismas pripažino kalta klastojus dokumentus

Kaunas city Court in Lithuania found Danutė Matuzaitė, a wife of Parliamentary member Vitas Matuzas, guilty of trying to illegally get subsidy for a private company, and found her guilty of fraud and false documentation.

Mafia Capitale, al via il maxiprocesso: alla sbarra Carminati e tutti i suoi uomini

Estijoje suimtas kyšio ėmimu įtartas Tartu vicemeras

Tartu deputy mayor Kajar Lambar is suspected of having accepted bribes repeatedly for long period of time.

Nekā personīga: IUB sācis pārbaudi par aizdomīgu Jūrmalas domes pasūtījumu

Procurement Monitoring Bureau (IUB) has started examining suspicious procurment of Jūrmala City Council. The council had announced a street maintanance competition of three million euros. However, during the evaluation of the competition a representative of the Green Farmers Union (ZZS) won but the pretender company "A.C.B." with the best offered price was unexpectedly excluded.

Latgales reģiona policistu aiztur aizdomās par 1500 eiro kukuļa pieprasīšanu

Internal Security Bureau (IDB) has detained the State police inspector of compartment administration of Latgale District who has been suspected of demanding a bribe of 1500 euros. IDB has a suspicion that the bribe has been demanded to influence the outcome of the application. Office has initiated criminal proceedings and the suspected person has been arrested.

Kriminālprocesā par RD Satiksmes departamenta iepirkumu aizturēts Broža

On June 16th the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) hold Head of Construction Management Department Uģis Brožs regarding the criminal proceeding of Riga City Council Traffic Departement procurement in construction sector. He has been suspected for giving bribe and related to the initially started criminal proceeding in Lithuania in which Lithuanian official and Latvian entrepreneur have been involved. This criminal proceeding is related to misuse of public position, giving and taking bribes and forgery of an official.


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