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Riga Central Market

The former chairman of the board of Riga Central Market Anatolijs Abramovs has been suspected for a number of corruption situations as bribery, misuse of public official.

Corruption Problem: 

KNAB veicis kratīšanu Rīgas Centrāltirgus valdes priekšsēdētāja kabinetā, vēsta LTV

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has raided office of the chairman of Riga Central Market board Anatolijs Abramovs. The reason why raid was carried out was that there was a suspicion about illegaly sold trading venues at the Night Market. KNAB suspects market staff about re-selling already pre-sold trading venues of other trader when he has finished trading and went away.
Corruption Problem: 

KNAB uzsācis kriminālprocesu pret Saldus novada bāriņtiesas amatpersonām

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) informs that they have initiated criminal proceedings against officials from Saldus District Orphan's Court for the unlawful use of allocated funding. Suspected persons have been adjusted with unrelated features of custodial security.

Teismas atvertė korupcija kaltinamo Radviliškio mero bylą

The hearing of the case of Radviliškis district mayor Antanas Čepononis has started in court. He, as other 8 persons and a constuction firm is accused of corruption during implementation of renovation process. Čepononis has been officialy suspected already in December 2011
Corruption Problem: 

Korupcija kaltinamo Talino mero alibi: pinigus taupė kojos protezui

Suspended Tallin mayor, Edgar Savisaar, who is suspected with corruption, states that a big amount of money found in his appartment was intended for acquisition of a bionic leg.

Magistraţii au rămas în pronunţare în dosarul lui Nicuşor Constantinescu, după ce l-au amendat de 3 ori şi l-au evacuat din sală

Judges from the Bucharest Courthouse were left to rule in the case of Nicusor Constantinescu, former President of the County Council in Constanta, who is accused of abuse of office when refusing to approve the construction of a wind farm.
Corruption Problem: 

Cepumu ra?ot?js atz?stas, ka a?it?jis v?l??an?s balsot par 'Saska?u'

The chairman of the board of Confectionery manufacturer Ltd "Adugs" Jāzeps Zukuls has confessed that he had agitate to vote for the party "Saskaņa" in the elections. Moreover, he said that he knows Dzintars Zaķis from year 2002.

R?zeknes b?vvaldes inspektori pie??mu?i 2000 eiro kukuli

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) informs that two building inspectors of Rēzekne district have accepted a bribe of 2000 euros in exchange for not fixing infringements in a private building.
Corruption Problem: 

J?rmalgeitas desmit gadi ? vecie netikumi un joproj?m mekl??an? eso?ie tirgo?i

In 2006 a television broadcast published phone conversations of persons who were involved in the Jūrmala City bribery case. At that time the case had been transfered already before the court when about a year later (in 2007) two of defendants car merchant Germans Milušs and the former Jūrmala Mayor Juris Hlevickis were sentenced with five year imprisonment. By contrast, the deputy candidate of the party "New Center" (Jaunais Centrs) of Jūrmala City Council candidate Gvido Harijs Volbrugs was punished with a suspended term of imprisonment of three years. However, there was also the fourth person - accused deputy candidate of the same party Leonīds Lasmanis who disappeared during the trial. Therefore, the court has decided to distribute proceedings against Lasmanis seperately.

KNAB un VID izp?ta inform?ciju par ?Panamas dokumentiem?, tiks sniegts zi?ojums vald?bai

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) and the State Revenue Service (VID) in examining the information related to "Panama documents" will present a report to the government. There have been found also well known names form Latvia like Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs, businessman Ainārs Gulbis and his son tennis player Ernests Gulbis, the airline "airBaltic" new investor German businessman Ralph Dieter Montag-Girmess and the founder of catering company "Lido" Gunārs Ķirsons and other.


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