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Teismas: Radviliškio meras A. Čepononis negali eiti tarybos nario pareigų

Court has suspended Antanas Čepononis from his duties as Radviliškis district municipality council member, due to ongoing process of his case related to corruption.

VTEK prad?jo tyrim? d?l Vilniaus rajono mer?s M. Rekst

Chief Official Ethics Commission of Lithuania has started an investigation on conduct of Vilnius district mayor Marija Rekst. Law on the Adjustment of Public and Private Intersts could allegedly be breached as Rekst participated in employment procedures of her niece as municipality‘s administration director.

Nušalintas Radviliškio rajono meras A. Čepononis

Antanas Čepononis has been suspended from his duties as Radviliškis district mayor, as his case over abuse of power and forgery is heard in court

Visagino kultūros centro direktorės byla keliauja į teismą

Director of local culture center is accused of abuse of power and forgery related to public procurement procedure.

Šiaulių savivaldybės tarnautojui gresia nušalinimas

The prosecutors request the suspension for an official of Šiauliai municipality arrested in the case of public procurement corruption. He allegedy received a bribe amounting to more than 9500 Eur and other gain for him and his family members, for favorable conditions of public procurement to company „Šiaulių plentas“

Hoe ambtenaren Amsterdam miljoenen euro’s verduisterden

A group of civil servants in the Amsterdam municipality are suspected of the embezzlement of millions of euros. They contracted acquaintances for the execution of assignments and billed the municipality for much higher prices than would be usual with other companies of the same sector. The perpetrators were able to enrich themselves with the surplus of payments.
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Closing arguments set in corruption trial of powerful N.Y. politician

A federal jury considering whether to convict Sheldon Silver, one of New York's most powerful politicians for two decades, is scheduled to hear closing arguments in his public Corruption trial on Monday.
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Agituojantį premjerą Vilkaviškio rajone lydėjo ir neatostogaujantys savivaldybės vadovai

Several Lithuanian solcialdemocratic party members who are holding public offices in Vilkviskis region single-member constituency were accused of working with the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius on his election campaign without taking the official time off from their primary duties.

Teisėsauga atlieka dar kelis tyrimus dėl galimo poveikio rinkėjams „tvarkiečių“ kandidato naudai

Lithuania's Law enforcement institutions began several investigations on possible election fraud in Silute region constituency. The members of the political party "Tvarka ir teisingumas" are suspected of vote buying and related illegal actions during the first round of parliamentary election held on 9 October.

VRK tvirtina pirmojo rinkimų turo rezultatus: Šilutėje antrasis turas vyks

Despite the ongoing investigation on possible parliamentary election fraud in Lithuania Silute single-member constituency, Chief Electoral Commission allowed to organize the second election round.


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