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Už grotų 12 dienų praleidęs R.Kurlianskis buvo suimtas pagrįstai

Vilnius district court ruled that Raimondas Kurlianskis, vice-president of company holding "MG BAltic" who allegedly bribed the now-former leader of Liberal Movement Eligijus Masiulis, had been held in custody for 12 days legally.

Na vnovičnem sojenju samo o podkupninah

After decision of Supreme Court, the case of Robert Časar, Srečko Prijatelj and Marjan Mikuž is returned to the District Court.

Časar, Mikuž in Prijatelj ponovno na sodišču

Former CEO of Port of Koper, bussiness man Marjan Mikuž and former member of Slovenian parliament Srečko Prijatelj were again summoned before the district court, on charges of corruption, bribery and gift giving.

V ZDA zaporna kazen zaradi korupcije za nekdanjega vodjo senatne večine države New York

Republican Dean Skelos, former Senate majority leader, was found guilty of corruption and will thus serve 5 year of prison sentence.
Corruption Problem: 

Petrobras-Skandal - Brasilien: Es wird immer enger f?r Dilma Rousseff

The Petrobas scandal is causing a political crisis in Brazil. The Brazilan Workers' Party, the PMDB and opposition politicians are the focus of a scandal about the state-controlled oil company Petrobras and bribery affair. Also the current President Dilma Rousseff is connected to Petrobras. She was the company's chairman from 2003-2010 when most bribes took place. Additionally Rousseff appointment of ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as cabinet chief was stopped by a judge as da Silva is also accused of corruption. As a consequence Rousseff's coaltion with the PMDB might collapse.

Brasilien - 23 Jahre Haft für Kabinettschef von Brasiliens Ex-Präsident

Brazilian ex-politician José Dirceu has been convicted of corruption and money laundering connected to the Scandal of the oil company Petrobras. Dirceu has been the head of cabinet of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who is also involved in the scandal. Since two years the so-called operation "Lava Jato" reveales new details about a bipartisan, multi-billion dollar corruption network in Brazilian politics. Also current präsident Dilma Rousseff, the suspended president of Parliament Eduardo Cunha and the interim president Micheal Temer are part of the investigations.

Meischberger-Prozess: Die Treffen der Grasser-Gruppe

Ex-politician Walter Meischberger reports about regular's tables with prominent guests where deals were made. Meischberger is currently in a trial as he received 600.000 Euro in a real estate deal which is assumed to be bribe money.
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ALERTĂ DNA extinde cercetările în legătură cu alte fapte în dosarul deputaților Mădălin Voicu și Nicolae Păun

DNA prosecutors ordered an extension of the criminal investigation against MPs Madalin Voicu and Nicolae Paun, in the case of corruption and fraud of EU funds to finance programs for underprivileged people.

Mădălin Voicu, la DNA

Deputy Madalin Voicu was presented Friday at the headquarters of the National Anticorruption Directorate. He was quoted in a case of fraud of EU funds to finance programs for underprivileged people.
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Meischberger muss wieder bangen

The Austrian corruption prosecutor (WKStA) does not accept the acquittal of the former politican Walter Meischberger (FPÖ). Meischberger was accused of embezzlement after receiving 600.000 Euro for arranging a hotel deal. During the trail is was persumed that Meischberger receiced the money as a bribery payment.


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