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Korruputionsverdacht - Brasiliens Expr?sident Lula soll als Minister die Regierung retten

Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff is trying to protect her precursor and supporter Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from accusations by giving him a office in the government. As a minister he would be immune against the allegations of money laundering and corruption he is facing currently. For Rousseff protecting da Silva is a difficult step as her support is fading because of the weak economy and corruption scandals.

Drei Millionen Brasilianer demonstrieren gegen Rousseff

About three million people were demonstrating against their president Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. According to polls about sixty percent of the population is for Rousseff's impeachment. Brazil is in a political crisis caused by a weak economy and corruption scandals.

Brasilien - Brasiliens Regierung droht Koalitionsbruch

The corruption scandal in Brazil is weakening president Dilma Rousseff's coalition. The partner of her labor party PMDB might get a majority for dissolve the union. Though there is a thirty day period before PMDB's head Michael Temer can make an ultimate decision.

Sonntag - Massendemonstrationen gegen brasilianische Pr?sidentin

Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff is confronted with big demonstrations and the call for her impeachment. According to Brazilian organisations more then 800.000 demonstrators are expected. The political crisis is caused by the weak economic situation and by the corruption scandal around the state oil company Petrobas. The scandal involves major parts of Brazil's political elite.

Ermittlungen gegen zwei BZÖ-Politiker

Wilhelm Korak and Johanna Trodt - Limpl, both MPs in the Austrian state Kärnten, are accused of incorret use of tax money. As normal in these cases an report was darfted for the top prosecutor Graz and now the extradition of the two politicans has been requested.

Prahova: DNA redeschide urmărirea penală față de un fost deputat și un fost subprefect într-un dosar de retrocedări ilegale

Prahova Court confirmed Thursday the reopening of the criminal investigation against several people, including a former Deputy Adrian Semcu, in a case related to illegal land retrocession.

Finanzskandal: Monika Rathgeber erhält Fußfessel

Monika Rathgeber, a former top public offical, has been allowed to spend the rest of her imprisonment as house arrest. Rathberger is condemned for fraud and forgery. She had taken 12 Mio. Euro from the federal catastrophe fund with fake signatures and documents.

STT E. Masiulį ir R. Kurlianskį sekė net 7 mėnesius: pinigus perdavė prie Seimo

Eligijus Masiulis, the now-former leader of Liberal Movement and Raomondas Kurlianskis, vice-president of company holding "MG Baltic" (both suspected of large-scale bribery and graft respectively) were under surveillance of Lithuania's Special Investigation Service (STT) for 7 months.

Anti-corruptietop is een succes, ondanks Cameron

The Anti-Corruption Summit in London proves to be a success, despite the inappropriate remarks made by David Cameron earlier this week. It was the first time state leaders from all over the world gathered on invitation of the British government to discuss the combating of corruption. The outcome is an action plan that consists of three steps, of which one aims to expose corruption. The United Kingdom is the first G20 country that wants to introduce a register of economic property that reveals who is the actual owner or controller of a company.


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