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Parteienfinanzierung: Drei neue Anklagen in Causa Telekom

ÖVP politician Bernd Schönegger, former Telekom board member Rudolf Fischer and Telekom manager Michael Fischer are three of the six accused in the Telekom-case. A Telekom subsidiary transferred 119.760 in 2008 to a agency which was responsible for the campaign in Graz. Investigators found a suspicious Email correspondence between Michael Fischer and Schönegger. They are accused of embezzlement.

Telekom-Aff?re: Grazer Politiker und Ex-?VP-Werberin angeklagt

ÖVP politician Bernd Schönegger and five other people are accused in the case about a payment of a Telekom subsidiary to a agency which organized the ÖVP campaign 2008 in Graz. Schönegger denies the imputation. According to the prosecutor the transferred 119.760 were used by the agency to pay ÖVP's campaign.

Telekom Austria - Grazer ?VP-Wahlkampf: N?chste Anklage rund um Causa Telekom

Vienna's prosecutor is accusing former Telekom manager Rudolf Fischer and Michael Fischer of embezzlement. Before elections in Graz 2008 a Telekom subsidiary transferred 120.000 Euro to an agency which was responsible for the ÖVP campaign. An adequate considerations for the payment is missing. Also politician Bernd Schönegger (Graz VP, local ÖVP) and a manager of the agency are impeached in the case.

Öztürk (DENK) spreekt van ‘karaktermoord’ na ophef

Dutch member of parliament Selçuk Öztür has been accused of nepotism and bribery in a recently published article by NRC Handelsblad. Öztür claims that the article is a way for the 'establishment' to soil his reputation. Health institution Daelzicht will start an investigation into his integrity.
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Még mindig nem tudni, honnét van Simon Gábor pénze

Former vice-president of the party MSZP Gábor Simon is accused with budget fraud, forgery and tax evasion after finding foreign bank accounts on his name with more than 100 million forints.

"Den Meischberger muss man gut bezahlen"

Walter Meischberger, former FPÖ politician and accused of embezzlement, does not remember who gave him the information about the hotel deal which he transferred to building company UBM and received 600.000 Euro in return. The prosecutor does not believe Meischberger and accused him of getting money without any reward. It is also suggested Meischberger the received payment is bribery money though this accusation could not be proven.

Meischberger: Ein Tipp war seine Leistung

Former politician Walter Meischberger is accused for embezzlement because of a 600.000 Euro payment form the building company Porr, a subsidiarity of UBM. According to the prosecutor Meischberger received the money as bribe to arrange the moving from Vienna's custom office to a building owned by Porr. Meischberger denies the accusation instead the money was for an information about an hotel deal.

Causa Brehmstra?e: Meischberger-Prozess startet

At Wednesday the trail against former FPÖ politician Walter Meischberger started. About 600.000 Euro were paid to the accused Meischberger for which the investigators did not find any reward. According to the prosecutor Meischberger got the money from the building company UBM to arrange the moving of a part of Vienna's custom office in a building of the company. Meischberger denies the accusations instead he claims the money was for an information about a hotel deal.

Nyomozás indult az offshore-ozó exfideszes és az MSZP volt pénztárnoka ellen is

An investigation of mismanagement of public funds was ordered against unknown perpetrators. The Panama Papers revealed that former member of the Parliament Zsolt Horváth (FIDESZ)and former party-treasurer (MSZP) László Boldvai's wife Csilla K. have interests in off-shore companies.

Wien - Telekom-Prozess: Schuldspruch für ÖVP-Mandatar Schönegger

Bernd Schönegger, Member of the Austrian Parliament, is found guilty for embezzlement in connection with a payment of 120.000 Euro from Telekom Austria (TA) to his party ÖVP. With him Michael F., a former staff of ÖVP and later head of Public Affairs at TA, and a promoter who used the payment for a local campaign of ÖVP, were convicted.
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