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Raimondą Kurlianskį bandoma grąžinti už grotų

Prosecutor General‘s office of the Republic of Lithuania appeals the court‘s decision not to prolong the arrest of Raimundas Kurlianskis and suggests additional 2 month arrest period, on the grounds that current procedural means do not prevent the possible interfering with the investigation

Išsipildė juodžiausias scenarijus liberalams

Liberal Movement party support in polls down by 9% after the corruption scandal, the party drops from the 2nd to the 6th place in the table

Papirkimu įtariamas Raimondas Kurlianskis atsisakė svarbaus posto

Vice-president of MG Baltic Raimundas Kurlianskis, who is in the center of MG Baltic corruption scandal, has resigned from the council of the Lithuanian University of Health sciences

Pinigai Eligijui Masiuliui – už palankumą kredito unijoms?

The now former Lithuania's Liberal party leader Eligijus Masiulis received the bribe from Raimondas Kurlianskis, the vice-president of "MG Baltic" holding, while seeking favourable vote ir regulation of credit unions.

Parteienfinanzierung - Schuldspruch für ÖVP-Mandatar Schönegger in Causa Telekom

Bernd Schönegger, Austrian MP and secretary of ÖVP Graz, is convicted assistance of embezzlement. Michael Fischer, former ÖVP-employee and head Public-Affairs at Telekom Austria (TA), and the head of a PR-agency were found guilty as well. The case was about a 120.000 payment from TA to ÖVP via the PR-agency. Schönegger denied the accusations in the whole trial.
Corruption Problem: 

TA-Prozess: Schönegger schuldig gesprochen

Austrian MP Bernd Schönegger (ÖVP) was convicted for contribution of embezzlement in connection with a 120.000 payment from Telekom Austria (TA) to his party ÖVP. Also Michael F., former ÖVP employee and later head of Public Affairs at TA, and a PR manager which was close to ÖVP, were found guilty.

Část opozice chce prokazování původu majetku zpřísnit, pravice zamítnout

Part of the government opposition propose tightening the government's proposal for establishing proof of origin of the property. Financial authorities should be able to seek the origin of property until 25 years ago. The law in the form approved by the government gives financial officials chance to compare the amount of property tax return. If value of unlisted property xceeds seven million CZK, financial authorities prompts the taxpayer to prove the origin of the property.

Steuertricks von Konzernen: Schäuble gegen alle

Germany slows the EU's efforts in the fight against tax tricks of large corporations. Only Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schaeuble spoke out against an extension of reporting obligations to subsidiaries and defends itself against the publication of such data.

"TopTeam"-Aff?re: BAK sieht Vorw?rfe gegen Kaiser best?tigt

According to the federal bureau of anti-corruption (BAK) Governor of Kärnten Peter Kaiser (SPÖ) is accused of embezzlement in connection with the closed SPÖ owned PR-agency. He and others put 140.000 of Kärnten's public money aside and issued fake bills.
Corruption Problem: 

Korruptionsvorw?rfe - "TopTeam"-Aff?re: Ermittler sahen Vorw?rfe als best?tigt an

According to a report of the federal office of anti-corruption (BAK) Peter Kaiser, head of austrian labour party SPÖ in Kärnten, and others accused of embezzlement in connection with a SPÖ-owned PR-agency.


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