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AP FACT CHECK: Voter roll problems do not equate to fraud

The Pew Center on the States issued a report in 2012 saying the nation's voter registration system was "plagued with errors and inefficiencies that waste taxpayer dollars, undermine voter confidence, and fuel partisan disputes over the integrity of our elections." The report urged states to expand online voter registration and other online tools to allow voters to update their information, saying paper-based systems presented several opportunities for errors.
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Labour MP Sir Kevin Barron breached code of conduct

A Labour MP broke the Commons code of conduct by accepting payment for hosting events for a drug company in Parliament, it has been found.
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Agituojantį premjerą Vilkaviškio rajone lydėjo ir neatostogaujantys savivaldybės vadovai

Several Lithuanian solcialdemocratic party members who are holding public offices in Vilkviskis region single-member constituency were accused of working with the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius on his election campaign without taking the official time off from their primary duties.

Teisėsauga atlieka dar kelis tyrimus dėl galimo poveikio rinkėjams „tvarkiečių“ kandidato naudai

Lithuania's Law enforcement institutions began several investigations on possible election fraud in Silute region constituency. The members of the political party "Tvarka ir teisingumas" are suspected of vote buying and related illegal actions during the first round of parliamentary election held on 9 October.

VRK tvirtina pirmojo rinkimų turo rezultatus: Šilutėje antrasis turas vyks

Despite the ongoing investigation on possible parliamentary election fraud in Lithuania Silute single-member constituency, Chief Electoral Commission allowed to organize the second election round.

Rinkimų dieną policija gavo beveik pusšimtį pranešimų apie pažeidimus

On Sunday Lithuania's police authorities received 44 notices on possible fraudulent activities during the parliamentary election. Based on the evidence, authorities began two pre-trial investigations.

Macedonia postpones election under EU pressure

Crisis-hit Macedonia on Wednesday (18 May) postponed elections due next month, after the European Union called on Skopje to delay the polls in order to ensure they could take place freely and fairly.

Richtlinienentwurf: EU pr?sentiert Regeln gegen Steuerflucht der Konzerne

Many billions of euros of taxes companys save every year - legally. A long time there was a controversial discussion in the EU, how they should handle with such actions. Now the Commission wants to introduce new rules.
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DUP whistleblower Jenny Palmer to fight election for UUP

The controversial whistleblower who resigned from the DUP after allegations against one of the party's special advisers has been selected by Ulster Unionist Party to fight the Assembly election.
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