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British MPs accuse Theresa May of turning 'blind eye to President Putin's kleptocrats'

British politicians accuse Theresa May of turning a "blind eye to President Putin's kleptocrats". A parliamentary committee has accused the government of empty rhetoric after the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal.

Geheimvertrag mit Lidl-Gruender?

Reinhold Geilsdörfer, the managing director of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, has discovered new details. Geilsdörfer was apparently already in the service of the Schwarz-Stiftung from the autumn of 2015, at a time when he was still acting president of the Baden-Württemberg University of Cooperative Education (DHBW). He is said to have worked as a manager with a half-salary of 12.500 € per month.

Darf ein Verteidigungspolitiker Geld von der Rüstungsbranche nehmen?

Conflict of interests: Can a defense politician take money from the armaments industry? Hahn was the rapporteur in the Defense Committee for several armaments projects, which IABG should also benefit from - the company with which he is a member of the Supervisory Board.

Ja zur Doppelrolle

In his nomination for the German parliament election, Florian Hahn once again rejects the accusation of the conflict of interests. In the publications two weeks ago, the question was if there is a possible conflict of interests between the deputy as a paid member of the supervisory board of Ottobrunner company IABG and at the same time the rapporteur of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the defense committee in Berlin.
Corruption Problem: 

Galutinis sprendimas: per Seimo rinkimus kalinių balsų nenupirko

The Supreme Court of Lithuania has cleared the charges in the vote buying case. The prosecutors contended that there allegedly was an intent to buy votes of numerous prison inmates in favour of Darbo party (Labour party) during the 2012 Parliament elections.

Statybas ant kvarco klodų įteisinančios pataisos - tik Anykščių šiltnamiams

The amendments to the Undeground Law allegedly could have been proposed in order to facilitate the activities of private investment to build constructions of greenhouses on the location of unique underground recources of quartz sand

Teismui perduota prekybos poveikiu byla – kaltinimai pareikšti G.Vainauskui ir A.Zabuliui

The case of Gedvydas Vainauskas, the head of media group „Lietuvos Rytas“ and Antanas Zabulis, who are suspected of trafficking of influence, reaches the court. Vainauskas could have had allegedly asked a leader of a party „Tvarka ir Teisingumas“ Rolandas Paksas, current member of the European Parliament to influence officials of an institution coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment.

Teismas paliko galioti išteisinamąjį nuosprendį V. Matuzui ir A. Romanovskiui

Lithuanian Court of Appeals ruled that the former MP Vitas Matuzas and lobbyist Andrius Romanovskis were cleared of all charges. Both had been accused for using a charity fund for receiving financial contributions from business in return to favourable decision-making in the Parliament.

VRK oficialiai patvirtino Seimo rinkimų rezultatus

Chief Electoral Commission confirmed the results of the first and the second round of the Parliament elections. However, member of the party „Tvarka ir teisingumas“ Kęstas Komskis has been denied the mandate on the basis of alleged vote buying.

V. Gapšiui - įtarimai prekyba poveikiu ir kyšininkavimu įtarimai - dėl 25 tūkst. eurų

Ex member of Parliament Vytautas Gapšys is officialy suspected of peddling influence and receiving a bribe amounting to 25 000 Eur for decisions which would favour business concern "MG Baltic"


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