Labour and Employment

Angelino Alfano, il problema del ministro Ncd è il fratello Alessandro: dalle indagini sulla laurea all’assunzione alle Poste

Alessandro Alfano (Interior Minister younger brother) had a survey on his fake degree, he won the competition by the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Trapani and in 2013 he was appointed Director of Business Development Postecom spa: only the first step of a meteoric career entirely internal to the Italian Post Office Group.

Distrust at Riga International Airport

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has worked out a report of the functional audit about the implementation of procurement procedures at the Riga International Airport. The Council of the airport has lost trust of two members of the board after seeing it because of suspicious actions in accordance with personal interests.

No lidostas Rīga valdes atsauktais Liepiņš neizslēdz politisku iesaisti padomes lēmuma pieņemšanā

The former chairman of the board of Riga International Airport Andris Liepiņš does not understand reasons of his revocation and does not exclude the possibility of political involvement in the decision making process. The audit accusations and the reasons of revocation of him and other board member Ilmārs Upenieks are not clear from the speach of the chairman of the council of the airport Juris Kanēlis.
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