Sodnik bo sodil v zadevi, v katero je vpleten njegov oče

According to the decision of a court in Croatia, a judge Tomislav Aralica can oversee a procedure in which his own father is involved. since this allegedly will not affect his objectivity.
Corruption Problem: 

Judec?toarea acuzat? c? a luat mit? pentru o solu?ie de achitare ?n dosarul Transferurilor, trimis? ?n judecat?. La fel ?i fra?ii Becali, dar ?i Cristi Borcea

Geanina Terceanu, the judge accused of taking bribes for a payment solution in a case named "the Transfers" case, was sent to court by the National Anti-corruption Directorate prosecutors.

David Rath case

David Rath is a former politician who in the past held the post of Minister of Health and Governor of the Central Region. From May 2012 he is a major figure in a corruption scandal for which he spent a year and a half in detention. Rath's trial began in 2013 and ran until 2015.The court sentenced Rath for the crime of accepting a bribe in five cases of corruption and manipulation of public procurement to imprisonment of 8,5 years.

David Rath už má nového obhájce, jeho jméno ale zatím nezná

David Rath will have a new lawyer.
Corruption Problem: 

Wiretaps Raise More Questions About Bulgarian Courts

Leaked recordings have drawn attention to the country's judiciary, lack of separation powers and questionable adherence to rule of law.

Italy: Fake revenue stamps in Rome

An illegal organization has been creating several damage to the Italian state by selling fake revenue stamps for various goods and brands. The targets have mostly been judicial offices in Rome and Naples, who have paid for the fake stamps thinking their money would go to the state. Indeed, this was not the case,

Corruption Problem: 

Cargos y funcionarios deberán pagarse la defensa si hay condena

The Galician government began the processing of a law to regulate the cases in which the regional government should defend or not public officials or officials involved in court cases.

La corrupción se sube a la caravana electoral

The Basque Country that had cases in court until 2015, but never a period of such a concentration of accused and prosecuted in the different jurisdictional levels as it has today. The next elections are going to be held in the worst environment in this way.


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