STT atsisak? prad?ti ikiteismin? tyrim? d?l si?lymo E. Dambrauskienei ?i?sipirkti? post?

The Special Investigation Service of Lithuania not to start investigation of alleged suggestions for a judge Edita Dambrauskiene, ex nominee to General Prosecutor, to buy her appointment of General Prosecutor

Par iespējamiem pārkāpumiem sāk disciplinārlietas pret tiesu izpildītāju

The Disciplinary Commission of the Ministry of Justice will examine two disciplinary proceedings against the bailiff Kaspars Seleckis - one about ethical violations, and the other - on possible infringements of regulations. The bailiff accepted cases and carried out enforcement actions for the real estate company with whom he had shared the same premises. The events of the case are related to one particular property in Jūrmala, where the real estate firm is trying to get rid of tenant, who is considered as fictitious. At the same time the firm is also trying to get parts of the joint ownership for a small money that it does not own yet.

Par naudas izkrāpšanu aizdomās turētā Saldus bāriņtiesas vadītāja strādā citā bāriņtiesā

The former chairwoman of Saldus Orphan' s Court Antra Rutka now works at Brocēni Orphan' s Court and is Deputy Chairwoman of the court. Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) recently requested to start the prosecution against her regarding fraud.

KNAB rosina sākt kriminālvajāšanu pret Saldus novada bāriņtiesas amatpersonām

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has sent a material of a criminal case to Prosecutor's Office of Saldus District encouraging to initiate criminal proceedings against officials of Saldus Orphan's court about illegal acquisition of financial resources in defrauding them from the budget of municipality.

Rosina atstādināt tiesu izpildītāju Selecki

The Commission of Sworn bailiff disciplinary matters of the Ministry of Justice has demanded to dismiss from duties a sworn bailiff Kaspars Seleckis. As reported, there might have been a conflict of interest while executing judicial decisions for the firm "Radda". The Minister of Justice and Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) will evaluate infringements of Seleckis.

Prozess gegen Kriegsverbrecher Bemba: Zucker f?r die Zeugen

The Congolese war criminal Bemba sits again in the dock. He and his defense lawyers are accused to have bribed 14 witnesses at trial and submitted false evidence.
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Gro?konzerne: So will die EU-Kommission Steuertricks offenlegen

The Panama Papers have sparked the debate about tax havens. The European Commission wants now to force large corporations to more transparency.
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Steuertricks von Konzernen: Schäuble gegen alle

Germany slows the EU's efforts in the fight against tax tricks of large corporations. Only Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schaeuble spoke out against an extension of reporting obligations to subsidiaries and defends itself against the publication of such data.

Megszüntették az eljárást a pécsi egyetemi vesztegetési ügyben

The Tribunal of Győr annulled the action in the case of bribery at the University of Pécs (29 persons were accused of bribery and influencing contracts, allegedly causing 100 million HUF damage) because of the mistakes and incomplete files submitted by the prosecution office.
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12 év börtönt kapott a megvesztegetett bíró

A judge who has worked in Szeged was sentenced to 12 years in prison for accepting bribe.
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