Wechsel in Unternehmen: EU verschärft Verhaltensregeln für Ex-Kommissare

With his change to Goldman Sachs, Jose Manuel Barroso provided a scandal. The EU Commission is now trying to mitigate potential conflicts of interest with a longer transitional period.

Südkorea: Präsidentin Park deutet Rückzug an

South Korean President Park, who is under pressure because of a corruption affair, is ready to resign. The Parliament should decide on its political future, including shortening its term of office.
Corruption Problem: 

Der gewählte US-Präsident Trump beklagt Wahlbetrug

From the Clinton camp supported recounts Trump regards as money-wasting - and simultaneously speaks of "election fraud". By this, Clinton had received millions of votes in the US election.
Corruption Problem: 

Prokurat?ra po patikrinimo atnaujino ikiteismin? tyrim? d?l ?BOD Group?

Prosecutor General‘s Office has decided to renew the investigation of allegedly fraudulent activities by company „BOD Group“ . The decision has been made during other investigation of alleged trafficking of power and abuse of office carried by Gedvydas Vainauskas and Antanas Zabulis. It is suspected that the were activities trying to affect the investigation by giving a bribe.

J. Olekas nurodė patikrinti šiemetinius kariuomenės pirkimus

The Minister of Defence Juozas Olekas has ordered to check all the public procurement contracts signed this year and also ongoing public procurement tenders by the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The purpose is to check if the money for the defence are used in a rational way aftera report given by the Public Procurement Office

Teismui perduota prekybos poveikiu byla – kaltinimai pareikšti G.Vainauskui ir A.Zabuliui

The case of Gedvydas Vainauskas, the head of media group „Lietuvos Rytas“ and Antanas Zabulis, who are suspected of trafficking of influence, reaches the court. Vainauskas could have had allegedly asked a leader of a party „Tvarka ir Teisingumas“ Rolandas Paksas, current member of the European Parliament to influence officials of an institution coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment.

J. Olekas lieka ministru atnaujinta 18:37

Lithuanian Defence Minister Juozas Olekas remained in office after the interpelation voting held by the Parliament. The minister had been accused of not taking the responsibility for the "Nota Bene" scandal when the company sold the ministry goods 8-10 times the price after being chosen as the wining bidder in several defence sector tenders.

Atliekamas vidaus tyrimas dėl „auksinių šaukštų“ bylą nutraukusio prokuroro veiksmų

Lithuanian Prosecutor's Office began an internal investigation on the actions of Vilnius Distric Attorney after he initiated the termination of the legal investigation of possible misuse of public funds, when a private company Nota Bene had sold the goods for the Ministry of Defence 8-10 times the price after being names as the winning bidder in several defence sector tenders.

VRM pradėjo tyrimą dėl protegavimo VST

Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior began an internal investigation on possible favouritism in Public Security Office. Some Office employees allegedly misused their public position when appointing friends or relatives in several positions.


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