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Zlom v kauze Dalík. Topolánkův muž chtěl půlmiliardový úplatek pro člena vlády, píše soudkyně

Accused Marek Dalik argues, that he did not want bribe for himself but for someone, from the Mirek Topolanek government.

FBI Busts Romanian Investor for Bribery of US Air Force Major

A Romanian investor has been charged by a US federal court of bribing a United States Air Force Major to win a military contract
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Na Okrožnem sodišču v Mariboru potrdili: specializirano državno tožilstvo vložilo zahtevo za preiskavo zoper Walterja Wolfa

Specialized state prosecutor's office filed a claim for an investigation of bussinesman Walter Wolf due to alleged money-laundering.

UN whistleblower who exposed sexual abuse by peacekeepers is exonerated

UN whistleblower suspended by the UN for passing documents to French authorities has been exonerated

Italy: Incentives to fight fiscal crime

In small communes around the country, mayors have decided to increase the fight against tax evasion. The plan entails that the officers will be entitled to keep all that the evaders take away from the state. 'We reward who fights' says a mayor, describing this new measure to increase productivity with the prospect of greater profit.

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"Kazakhgate": un chargé de mission à l'Elysée sous Sarkozy mis en examen

Jean-François Etienne of Rosaies, former prefect and project leader at the Elysee under Nicolas Sarkozy, was indicted on charges of corruption, including "active bribery of foreign officials" in the so-called " Kazakhgate "case.
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Προφυλακιστέος ο Ελβετός τραπεζίτης Οσβαλντ

Swiss banker Jean Claude Oswald willing to testify about Greek bribes in relation to the purchase of faulty German submarines by the Greek Defense Ministry.
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Esportazione di armi in Eritrea, 4 anni a Prosperini: fu assessore al Pirellone con Formigoni

A former regional councilor in Lombardy was sentenced to four years imprisonment for the illegal export of armaments to Eritrea and tax evasion
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UN accused of 'reckless disregard' for allegations of peacekeeper child abuse

UN accused of 'reckless disregard for serious allegations of wrongdoing” in its treatment of a whistleblower who disclosed details of alleged peacekeeper child abuse in Africa


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