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Razzia bei Thyssen-Krupp

Raid at Thyssen-Krupp: Investigators have searched the Essen headquarters of Thyssen-Krupp. It is about the suspicion of bribe payments for armed deals of a subsidiary company.
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Dubiose Zahlungen bei Atlas

The corruption scandal at the armaments manufacturer Atlas Electronics is growing. The subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp and Airbus, each holding 50 percent of the shares, had brought cash checks to Switzerland to deposit them into the account of a Turkish army member. .
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Darf ein Verteidigungspolitiker Geld von der Rüstungsbranche nehmen?

Conflict of interests: Can a defense politician take money from the armaments industry? Hahn was the rapporteur in the Defense Committee for several armaments projects, which IABG should also benefit from - the company with which he is a member of the Supervisory Board.

J. Olekas nurodė patikrinti šiemetinius kariuomenės pirkimus

The Minister of Defence Juozas Olekas has ordered to check all the public procurement contracts signed this year and also ongoing public procurement tenders by the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The purpose is to check if the money for the defence are used in a rational way aftera report given by the Public Procurement Office

J. Olekas lieka ministru atnaujinta 18:37

Lithuanian Defence Minister Juozas Olekas remained in office after the interpelation voting held by the Parliament. The minister had been accused of not taking the responsibility for the "Nota Bene" scandal when the company sold the ministry goods 8-10 times the price after being chosen as the wining bidder in several defence sector tenders.

R. Kurlianskiui pareikšti įtarimai ir dėl neteisėto disponavimo valstybės paslaptimi ar bus suimtas E. Masiulis?

Vice-president of concern MG Baltic Romualdas Kurlianskis is also officialy suspected of unlawful possession of the information constituting a State secret (he allegedly is in possesion of some documents belonging to the State Security Department)

Defence firm directors face jail over bribe to win £5m military supply deal

Two directors of a British defence company who bribed a US businessman to land a lucrative £5 million contract supplying equipment to troops in Afghanistan are facing jail.
Corruption Problem: 

Serious Fraud Office opens Airbus corruption investigation

The UK's Serious fraud Office (SFO) has launched an investigation into allegations of "fraud, Bribery and Corruption" in the civil aviation business of Airbus.

VSD pradeda vidinį tyrimą dėl informacijos, rastos pas R.Kurlianskį

The State Security Department of Lithuania has started an internal investigation of how Raimondas Kurlianskis, who is in the centre of MG Baltic corruption scandal, could allegedly get in unlawful possession of the information constituting a State secret


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