Obnova hi?e Simone Dimic: delavci niso smeli nositi Vegradovih oblek

Accusations made against several people due to alleged misuse of public position and sollicitation of misuse of public position.
Corruption Problem: 

Pri?e potrdile, da je Vegradovo obnovo hi?e Dimi?eve v Murglah naro?il njen partner

Witnesses confirm allegations of corruption and misuse of public position in the trial against Tovšak, Košič and Horvat.
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Beton, namenjen za Celov?ke dvore, kon?al v Murglah

Trial of Roman Horvat, Hilda Tovšak and Matej Košič, due to allegations of missuse of public position and corruption, continues.
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Hi?o Simone Dimic so prenavljali z betonom, namenjenim za Celov?ke dvore

Hilda Tovšak and Matej Košič are accussed of misuse of position.
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NPU naj bi zaradi preplačila del Grepu kazensko ovadil Jankovića

Mayor of Ljubljana, among several others, is being charged with alleged abuse of power, corruption and money laundering.

Nova kazenska ovadba zoper Jankovića, tokrat zaradi domnevne zlorabe uradnega položaja

Investigation of alleged abuse of public position by Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, started.Charge was also filled against deputy-Mayor and directors of Grep, Ms. Jadranka Dakić, Uroš Ogrin and Zlatko Sraka.

Peter Robinson rejects £1bn property sell-off payment accusations

DUP leader Peter Robinson appears before the Northern Ireland assembly’s finance committee to answer allegations that he personally benefited from the region’s biggest ever property sale.

El fiscal indaga si hay prevaricación en la licencia del golf de Vilagarcía

The report of the heir of the marquees of Aranda, Gonzalo Ozores Rey, against the project Villagarcia golf course that was built two years ago in the grounds of his property has triggered an investigation of the Prosecution of urbanistic crimes and environment of A Coruña for alleged perversion of justice in the process by the Board.

Italy: Agon Channel case

Roman entrepreneur Francesco Becchetti, owner of Agon Channel, is under inquisition for money recycling and false documentation relating to the construction of a large hydroelectric power station in Albania.

Corruption Problem: 

Ortiz alega que su tarea es ir detrás de funcionarios y políticos

Spanish businessman accused of graft admits to close relationships with two mayors of the city of Alicante.


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