Teismas atvertė korupcija kaltinamo Radviliškio mero bylą

The hearing of the case of Radviliškis district mayor Antanas Čepononis has started in court. He, as other 8 persons and a constuction firm is accused of corruption during implementation of renovation process. Čepononis has been officialy suspected already in December 2011
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R?zeknes b?vvaldes inspektori pie??mu?i 2000 eiro kukuli

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) informs that two building inspectors of Rēzekne district have accepted a bribe of 2000 euros in exchange for not fixing infringements in a private building.
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KNAB lūdz apsūdzēt Jūrmalas būvinspektoru par 150 eiro kukuļa pieņemšanu

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has asked the Prosecutor's Office to start criminal proceedings against the building inspector of City Planning Department of Jurmala City Council for demanding and accepting a bribe. The investigation has shown that the public official has demanded 200 euros and accepted 150 euros bribes for acceptation of a new building in operation.

Latvijas tilti neslēgs līgumu par Klaipēdas piestātnes rekonstrukciju

AS "Latvian Bridges" will not prolong the offer of pier reconstruction of Klaipeda (Lithuania). Results of the procurement have been challenged in Klaipeda District Court. One of the participator of the competition complained that this offer of AS "Latvian Bridges" has excessively low price.
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Raidījums: 'Latvenergo' lietā tiesa vairākas liecības atzīst par neizmantojamām

The second instance Court of Riga District was not satisfied with the gathered evidence of the prosecution in one of criminal cases against the only electricity provider in Latvia "Latvenergo" after announcing a full judgement. The Court did not recognize five of six unlawful payments. As reported, the indictment of criminal proceedings declares that the business consultant Andrejs Livanovičs had given a number of bribes to employees of "Latvenergo" Aigars Meļko and Gunārs Cvetkovs in exchange for choosing his client - international company "Alstom" - to acquire a right to reconstruct the hydroelectric power plant "Pļaviņas". The bribe has been around 600 000 euros. The Court recognized evidence of only one unlawful payment which was filmed and hold by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB). The money was transfered near Livanovičs wife's home in Mārupe. Livanovičs left 146 500 euros in Meļko's car.
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STT krėtė V. Gapšio namus, darbo vietą ir LNK kanalą (Aktualijos)

Searches by Special Investigation Service in relation with MG Baltic scandal have been conducted not only in the workplace of Vytautas Gapšys, Member of Parlament , but also in companies belonging to MG Baltic: one of the major Lithuanian TV chanells, LNK and in one of the biggest construction companies UAB „Mitnija“ . In addition, seaches were conducted in MG Baltic headquarters, in the workplace of the executive director of LNK.

Vilniaus valdžia skelbs naują baseino Fabijoniškėse konkursą

Vilnius municipality announces a new tender for the construction of a new swimming pool – the previous winner was a company belonging to MG Baltic

Keičiamos Nacionalinio stadiono statybos sąlygos

The conditions for the construction of the National Stadium have been changed in fear of potential legal risks; while previous conditions were favourable for some companies, the municipality of Vilnius denies that it is related with MG Baltic scandal.

„Lietuvos geležinkelių“ direktoriaus pavaduotojas S.Gudvalis – įtariamasis STT tyrime

Lithuania's Special Investigation Service brought charges on the deputy-director of "Lietuvos geležinkeliai" (Lithuanian Railways) company Stasys Gudvalis. S. Gudvalis in under charges of misuse of public position, and possible corruption in large-scale public procurement procedures in railway construction and maintenance.

Viniaus savivaldybė įvykdys VPT reikalavimą – baseino konkursas bus nutrauktas

Vilnius city Council will withdraw the public procurement competition to build a new swimming pool complex in Lithuania's capital, after Public Procurement Office rules the process to have violations involving possible fraud. Beforehand the competition was one by one of the "MG Baltic" holding companies which lately was involved in large-scale corruption scandal involving Lithuania's Liberal party.


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