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Inadequate dirty money regulation 'leaves UK open to terror funds' - report

Britain's "woefully inadequate" anti-Money Laundering system has left the country wide open to corrupt money and terrorism funds and needs radical overhaul, a leading anti-Corruption group said on Monday.
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Guatemala's Perez says Biden forced him to accept anti-corruption purge

Guatemala's jailed former president, Otto Perez, says he regrets bowing to U.S. pressure to extend the work of an anti-Corruption unit that then toppled him from power and that it was U.S. Vice President Joe Biden who forced his hand.
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Sector: UK Parliament To Decide On New Tax Evasion Offense

A new corporate offense for failing to prevent Tax Evasion is expected to get its first reading in parliament this week, says Pinsent Masons, the international law firm.

Nama loan book deal investigations top priority - crime agency boss

The Republic's so-called 'bad bank' is subject to numerous investigations. The NCA recently provided a confidential briefing to Stormont's Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir
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Scotland: Anti-corruption police officers investigated over 100 allegations of wrongdoing

A police anti-Corruption unit in Scotland has faced more than 100 allegations of wrongdoing, including claims officers attempted to pervert the course of justice. Some 108 allegations of criminal and non-criminal behaviour have been made against anti-Corruption officers in Police Scotland following 25 separate complaints.
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Bulgaria and Romania twenty years later

The Bulgarian government, in particular, needs to show much greater decisiveness in addressing persistent rule of law problems and in earning the trust of citizens

Fraud squad tasked with white collar crime investigation has no financial experts

The specialist Garda unit tasked with combating fraud and white collar crime does not have any dedicated financial analysts.
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Panama Papers: Pieth says officials are in denial as he quits

Mark Pieth stood down as an advisor to Panama's government The Swiss anti-Corruption expert, Mark Pieth, has told The BBC he resigned from the Panama Papers commission because of government interference.

Jurašs: KNAB vadība neizrādīja interesi par mēģinājumu mani piekukuļot

After reorganization of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) that will happen in the August one of the current employee - the head of operational development department Juris Jurašs will have to leave the bureau. Last fall a bribe has been offered to him related to the KNAB investigation of the "Latvia Railway" case. He claims that he has not noticed any interest from KNAB of this bribery action so far.

Brebemi, troppi gli aiuti di Stato ai gestori. Legambiente denuncia: "La gara è da rifare"

Legambiente invia al presidente dell'Autorità nazionale anticorruzione un esposto contro Brebemi. "Distorsione della concorrenza" e "violazione dei principi comunitari" tra le accuse.


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