Do Panama Papers je namočeno i okolí Le Penové, Cameron má vysvětlovat

Close collaborators with the National Front in France have been implicated in the Panama Paper leaks
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Iceland Prime Minister quits over Panama Papers tax haven scandal

The Prime Minister of Iceland has resigned following the Panama Papers leaks

Panama Papers: Ukrainian President searched for gas bill during height of Russian violence

In 2014 as fighting between Ukrainian government and pro-Moscow rebels was raging, representatives of the President were looking for a bill to allow him create a holding company in the British Virgin Islands

Ukraine president denies tax claims

The President of Ukraine claims he did nothing wrong after allegations that he set up an off shore company as a tax haven
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Sanctioned firms on Mossack Fonseca books

A number of clients of Panamanian legal firm were under international sanctions

Russia not yet fit for Olympics - Coe

Russia to know in May if it can send athletes to the Olympics in Rio, while Ethiopia, Morocco, Ukraine, Kenya and Belarus are also under scrutiny.
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IAAF Scandal

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is being investigating over allegations of widespread doping and blackmail in Athletics

Moldovan Bank theft

In 2014, Moldova was forced to place three of its largest banks in special administration after $1bn went missing through a complex series of loans and contracts.

Grand Theft Moldova

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova protest against the missing US$ 1 billion that has gone missing from three Moldovan banks


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