Tens of thousands rally in Moldova against $1 billion bank fraud

Tens of thousands of Moldovans rallied on Sunday in the heart of the capital Chisinau in the biggest street protests in memory, demanding the resignation of the president and early elections over a $1 billion (659.20 million pounds) bank fraud that has hit living standards.
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Macedonia postpones election under EU pressure

Crisis-hit Macedonia on Wednesday (18 May) postponed elections due next month, after the European Union called on Skopje to delay the polls in order to ensure they could take place freely and fairly.

Moldova: Former PM Sentenced in Billion-Dollar Bank Fraud Case

Former Moldovan Prime Minister was sentenced to nine years in prison on Corruption charges
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Portugal: Authorities Dismantle Russian Football Money Laundering Ring

Portuguese authorities dismantled a transnational criminal group which allegedly laundered money via the football sector and offshore tax havens
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Moldovan Bank theft

In 2014, Moldova was forced to place three of its largest banks in special administration after $1bn went missing through a complex series of loans and contracts.

Grand Theft Moldova

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova protest against the missing US$ 1 billion that has gone missing from three Moldovan banks
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