? korupcines ?iauli? ligonin?s schemas buvo ?traukta ir vaistin? (Kriminalai)

Corruption scheme in the Hospital of Šiauliai, pharmacy has been also allegedly involved. The director is suspected of trafficking influence

Šokiruojančios kyšininkavimo skandalo detalės: kur Eligijus Masiulis galėjo paimti pinigus?

The bribe of 106 thousand euro to ex-Member of Parliament Eligijus Masiulis has been allegedly given to him in cash in the parking lot right next to the Lithuanian Parliament on 10th May. The investigation officers supposedly have been listening to the calls of Masiulis and Raimondas Kurlianskis, suspected of graft, for 7 months

VRK kirtis konservatoriams – papirkinėjo rinkėjus

Central Electoral Commission has decided that an event organised by Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD) party with a performance of a famous musician has to be considered as a violation of a law prohibiting to bribe voters.

E. Masiulis įtariamas ir kyšininkavimu

Eligijus Masiulis, now ex-Member of Parliament, is suspected of bribery of an intermediary, acquisition or handling of the property obtained by criminal means, and also of bribery. While being Member of Parliament and the head of the Liberal Movement party, he has allegedly received a bribe from Kurlianskis, vice-president of MG Baltic, in return of decisions favourable for the group.

STT užkliuvo Kultūros paveldo departamentas

The Special Investigation Service of Lithuania has stated that the Department of Cultural Heritage lacks transparency and common practice of dealing with administrative offences, which results in evaluating the similar offences differently.

STT krėtė V. Gapšio namus, darbo vietą ir LNK kanalą (Aktualijos)

Searches by Special Investigation Service in relation with MG Baltic scandal have been conducted not only in the workplace of Vytautas Gapšys, Member of Parlament , but also in companies belonging to MG Baltic: one of the major Lithuanian TV chanells, LNK and in one of the biggest construction companies UAB „Mitnija“ . In addition, seaches were conducted in MG Baltic headquarters, in the workplace of the executive director of LNK.

Kyšininkavimo skandalas plečiasi: STT kratė darbiečių lyderį

Searches by Special Investigation Service in relation with MG Baltic scandal have been conducted in the workplace of Member of Parlament Vytautas Gapšys, which is in Lithuanian Parlament, and also in his home. He is suspected to have been allegedly bribed by Raimundas Kurlianskis in order to influence members of his party (Labour party) to act in favour of MG Baltic interests. Also searches have been performed in several companies belonging to the MG Baltic and their executives homes.

Raimondą Kurlianskį bandoma grąžinti už grotų

Prosecutor General‘s office of the Republic of Lithuania appeals the court‘s decision not to prolong the arrest of Raimundas Kurlianskis and suggests additional 2 month arrest period, on the grounds that current procedural means do not prevent the possible interfering with the investigation

D.Gineikaitės įklampintus Kauno medikus narsto ir ministerija (Aktualijos)

Ministry of Health has started the investigation in the Kaunas Clinical Hospital, which was involved in the hiding of the fact of the intoxication of now ex-director of the National Land Service Daiva Gineikaite

Išsipildė juodžiausias scenarijus liberalams

Liberal Movement party support in polls down by 9% after the corruption scandal, the party drops from the 2nd to the 6th place in the table


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