V. ir D. Matuzams nepavyko nu?alinti j? byl? nagrin?jan?i? teis?j? ir prokuror?s

Vitas Matuzas, ex Parliament member, has been denied a motion to remove judges in his case, and a whole court, whereas his wife Danutė Matuzienė has also been denied a motion to remove a prosecutor. Both spouses are on trial related with non-transparent bio-fuel public procurement competition and other charges

Socialdemokratas i? Zaras? stabdo naryst? partijoje

Director of administration of the Zarasai municipality Ramūnas Keršys, who is suspected of abuse of power, fraud and forgery of documents has suspended his membership in Socialdemocrats party, but has not stepped down from the office
Corruption Problem: 

Vilniaus vicemeras iš anksto žinojo, kad baseino konkursą laimės „MG Baltic“ įmonė

Vilnius Deputy Mayor knew beforehand that a public procurement competition of a construction of a new swimming pool in Vilnius would have been won by a company belonging to MG Baltic

R. Šimašius atsiriboja nuo „MG Baltic“

Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius has distanced himself from MG Baltic group, which is at the centre of corruption scandal. He has received questions over the alleged non-direct relations with the group, and a lunch which has taken place days before the scandal

VRK svarstys E. Masiulio prašymą panaikinti jo Seimo nario mandatą

Central Electoral Commission will consider the request of Eligijus Masiulis to suspend his mandate in the Lithuanian Parliament, since he has been suspected of taking a bribe. He has already stepped down from Liberal Movement party leader position.

Teismas leido 20 dienų suimti „MG Baltic“ viceprezidentą R. Kurlianskį dar atnaujinta

Vilnius district court has allowed the arrest of Raimondas Kurlianskis, vice-president of „MG Baltic“ group, who is suspected of graft and bribery of an intermediary, for 20 days. The prosecutors had asked arrest of 2 months

VRM prad?jo tarnybin? patikrinim? d?l FNTT pareig?n? veiksm?

Ministry of Interior to investigate Financial Crime Investigation Service - why a big case of fraud has been terminated back in 2014 and if the officers have not been influenced by other persons

STT atsisak? prad?ti ikiteismin? tyrim? d?l si?lymo E. Dambrauskienei ?i?sipirkti? post?

The Special Investigation Service of Lithuania not to start investigation of alleged suggestions for a judge Edita Dambrauskiene, ex nominee to General Prosecutor, to buy her appointment of General Prosecutor

Generalin? prokurat?ra pra?ys naikinti R.Pakso nelie?iamyb? (Aktualijos)

Prosecutor General‘s office of the Republic of Lithuania to ask the European Parliament to lift the legal immunity of Lithuanian Member of European Parliament Rolandas Paksas due to suspected bribery

Etikos sargai ? nemokamas politik? maudynes Druskininkuose pa?i?r?jo atlaid?iai

Chief Official Ethics Commission of Lithuania has decided not to start an investigation of accomodation of politicians and inviting them to use Druskininkai Aqua park for free due to the lack of evidence


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