Piktnaud?iavimu tarnyba ?tariamam ?Sodros? valdininkui prokurorai leido toliau dirbti

Prosecutors let director of Information system development department of State Social Insurance Fund (SODRA), suspected of abuse of office in public procurement competition procedure, to continue his work in the office

J. G. Furmanavi?ius atleistas i? pareig?

Advisor of the National Land Service director, G. J. Furmanavičius has stepped down from his position due to being suspected of trafficking of influence – he had tried to influence officers to form a land parcel in Vilnius, adjoining a land parcel owned by the State to it

STT parei?k? ?tarimus ?Alnos? vadovui T. Milakniui

Special Investigation Service of Lithuania suspects the executive director of IT company Alna of abuse of office regarding the non-transparent public procurement competition procedure of State Social Insurance Fund (SODRA). Allegedly favourable conditions were created for his company and Sodra has bought products for much higher price than other offers

? STT taikikl? pateko ?Sodros? skyriaus ved?jas

•Special Investigation Service of Lithuania suspects director of Information system development department of State Social Insurance Fund (SODRA) of abuse of office due to non-transparent public procurement competition procedure

Pareig?n? suktyb?s kaina ? be kalt?s u? grot? praleisti metai (Kriminalai)

Case of corrupt police officers from Šiauliai in court; involved in drug trafficking, abuse of power, fabrication of cases they have also fabricated a case against two people accusing them of drug trafficking, and this has resulted in jail sentence
Corruption Problem: 

Vyriausyb? paved? naikinti ?Vij?n?l?s dvaro? nutarim?

The government of Lithuania requests the Ministry of Environment to prepare a project of cancelling the amendment of ruling on construction in resort territories, however Prime Minister does not ask the Minister of Environment to resign regarding this controversy, since Chief Official Ethics Commission has decided that the minister has not had conflict of interests.

Latvijas tilti neslēgs līgumu par Klaipēdas piestātnes rekonstrukciju

AS "Latvian Bridges" will not prolong the offer of pier reconstruction of Klaipeda (Lithuania). Results of the procurement have been challenged in Klaipeda District Court. One of the participator of the competition complained that this offer of AS "Latvian Bridges" has excessively low price.
Corruption Problem: 

R. Kurlianskis slaptus dokumentus galėjo gauti ir seniau

Raimondas Kurlianskis, vice-president of MG Baltic group, person who is in the centre of corruption scandal, has also been officialy suspected of unlawful possession of the information constituting a State secret.

Prokurorai nepalieka V. Uspaskicho ramyb?je

Prosecutor General‘s office of Lithuania has decided to appeal the Labour party „black accounting“ case on legal points and bring it before the court of cassation- Lithuanian Supreme Court. Prosecutors inquire if the the crime had been rightly classified as a provision of inaccurate data and not fraud, and other legal questions such as responsibility of a legal entity after its reorganisation.

Seimo nario R. A. Ru?io nelie?iamyb? Seime panaikinta pa?eid?iant Konstitucij?

The resolution of Lithuanian parliament, lifting the legal immunity of Member of Parliament R. A. Ručys, has been declared unconstitutional by the Lithuanian Constitutional Court. He has been suspected of trafficking influence . Later his party „Order and justice“ (Tvarka ir teisingumas) also has been suspected with trafficking influence and money laundering, as a legal entity.


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