Kodėl Vytautui Gapšiui turėtų būti neramu?

Prosecutors, who investigate the case of Member of Parlament Vytautas Gapšys, have described to Temporary Parlamentary commission why they seek to lift his legal immunity. They state that actions of Gapšys can have features of large scale bribery and large scale trafficking of influence.

Įtarimų šešėlio temdomas J. Milius pripažįsta padaręs klaidą

Jonas Milius, director of State Food and Veterinary Service admits that he was compiling annual declarations on income and properties not in a thorough way. He is suspected of abuse of power and forgery. There were searches in his workplace, as well in the workplace of Member of Parlament Petras Gražulis , company Judex, and Kaunas branch of National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute. It is suspected that executives of Judex in order to avoid fines have tried to bribe various responsible officials or persons who could influence such officials.

Prokuratūra sprendžia, ar kreiptis į teismą dėl J.Miliaus nušalinimo

Prosecutors to decide whether to ask the court to suspend Jonas Milius, director of State Food and Veterinary Service. He is suspected of abuse of power and forgery. At the moment he is under sworn statement not to leave the country and has a list of persons he is not allowed to communicate with.

E. Masiuliui pateikti įtarimai, skirta kardomoji priemonė

Eligijus Masiulis, ex leader of Liberal Movement party, was questioned in the General Prosecutors office, and officialy suspected of trafficking of influence, acquisition or handling of the property obtained by criminal means, and also of bribery. He was put under sworn statement not to leave.

Darželyje įsidarbino fiktyviai: darbuotojo laukia rimti nemalonumai

An alleged fraud in one of kindergartens in Alytus municipality is under investigation. During 2009-2016 period every month a salary for a fictional employee was transfered – a sum is more than 25 000 Eur. The director of the kindergarten has resigned.

FNTT pradėjo tyrimą dėl „Kauno Grūdų“

Financial Crime Investigation Service investigates an alleged VAT fraud scheme in which company “Kauno grūdai“ was allegedly involved while buying sugar from Poland. It is suspected that around 400 000 Eur VAT tax money could have been appropriated.
Corruption Problem: 

G. Steponavičius susiprato: „MG Baltic“ užtrenkė duris

The Fund of Gintaras Steponavičius, who is Member of Parlament and vice-chairman of Liberal Movement party, has officialy decided not to ask and not to accept any financial support from MG Baltic group or any companies related with the group, after the corruption scandal involving MG Baltic vice-chairman Raimondas Kurlianskis allegedly giving a bribe for now ex- chairman of the party Eligijus Masiulis.

Partijas kaltina slapstoma reklama: socialdemokratai stato bibliotekas, valstiečių lyderis linksmins koncertais

Central Electoral Commission will decide whether small outdoor- library boxes given as a gift to a city of Jonava by a Socialdemocrat party has to be considered as a violation of a law prohibiting to bribe voters. The boxes were marked with partys logo. Another party – Labor party has put similar library in Vilnius, but has not put its logo, and as a result is not investigated by Central Electoral Commission.

VTEK: Marijampol?s savivaldyb?s tarybos narys P. Isoda pa?eid? ?statym?

Chief Official Ethics Commission ruled that a member of Marijampolė City Council Povilas Isoda has breached the Law on the Adjustment of Public and Private Interests. He has voted on a project for Igliškėliai kaimas community, while being community‘s member. He has had conflict of interests.

VSD pradeda vidinį tyrimą dėl informacijos, rastos pas R.Kurlianskį

The State Security Department of Lithuania has started an internal investigation of how Raimondas Kurlianskis, who is in the centre of MG Baltic corruption scandal, could allegedly get in unlawful possession of the information constituting a State secret


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