Teisėsauga atlieka dar kelis tyrimus dėl galimo poveikio rinkėjams „tvarkiečių“ kandidato naudai

Lithuania's Law enforcement institutions began several investigations on possible election fraud in Silute region constituency. The members of the political party "Tvarka ir teisingumas" are suspected of vote buying and related illegal actions during the first round of parliamentary election held on 9 October.

VRK tvirtina pirmojo rinkimų turo rezultatus: Šilutėje antrasis turas vyks

Despite the ongoing investigation on possible parliamentary election fraud in Lithuania Silute single-member constituency, Chief Electoral Commission allowed to organize the second election round.

Rinkimų dieną policija gavo beveik pusšimtį pranešimų apie pažeidimus

On Sunday Lithuania's police authorities received 44 notices on possible fraudulent activities during the parliamentary election. Based on the evidence, authorities began two pre-trial investigations. Lithuania Puts Tax Evaders In Its Crosshairs

Lithuania's Finance Minister, Rasa Budbergyte, has confirmed that next year's Budget will contain no new taxes, with new revenue to be found from anti-tax evasion measures and further tax administration improvements. In a recent speech broadcast by local radio, Budbergyte said that while the Government should continue making improvements to Lithuania's tax framework, measures to "fight against the fraudsters who avoid paying [taxes] using aggressive tax planning schemes" are just as important.

Trakų savivaldos rinkimų byloje – 16 įtariamųjų

16 suspected in vote buying case during Trakai municipality elections. At least 6 members of Lithuanian Liberty union (liberals) party have tried to buy votes. Central Electoral Commission has declared the breaches of elections in Trakai municipality of large scale and has cancelled the results. New elections took place in June.

Šilutės rajone dėl papirkinėjimo pradėtas ikiteisminis tyrimas

Investigation of alleged vote buying has been started in Šilutė district, where mayor elections took place
Corruption Problem: 

Traukiasi pagarsėjęs Kauno savivaldybės įmonės vadovas

Director of municipality enterprise „Automobilių stovėjimo aikštelės“ (ASA) Algimantas Puidokas, stepped down from his office. He is accused in a case which also involves ex vice-mayor of Kaunas Kęstutis Kriščiūnas. Puidokas allegedly has paid for repairing vice-mayors car from enterprise money.

L. Linkevičius: planuojama atsisakyti korupcija įtariamo garbės konsulo Ispanijoje paslaugų

Lithuania is most likely going to refuse Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Spain, Barcelona, Jordi Sumarroca due to suspicions of bribery – he allegedly gave half a million euro to mayor of Torredembarra city via transfers of his companies.

Vilniaus valdžia skelbia neleidusi „MG valdai“ statyti daugiabučių sklype su valstybiniu mišku

Vilnius municipality declares that it prevented a change of a purpose of land parcel which was requested by a company MG Valda, back in February. MG Valda has requested to change the purpose from infrastructure to construction of residential buildings in the part of land parcel which has been leased to it by AB „Lietuvos radijo ir televizijos centras“. Municipality blocked the request due to the fact that there is ongoing investigation in General Prosecutors office, requested by the Anticorruption commission of the Parlament, if the lease in itself is legal and also it has been stopped due to the fact that there are forests of State importance.


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