Rinkimai Trakuose ir Širvintose: kreipėsi į policiją dėl neblaivių asmenų, galimo papirkinėjimo

During repeated municipality elections in Trakai and Širvintos municipalities the police has received 31 notices on alleged breaches which consist mainly of vote buying and prohibited substance usage.

VRM pradėjo tyrimą dėl protegavimo VST

Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior began an internal investigation on possible favouritism in Public Security Office. Some Office employees allegedly misused their public position when appointing friends or relatives in several positions.

Teismas: Radviliškio meras A. Čepononis negali eiti tarybos nario pareigų

Court has suspended Antanas Čepononis from his duties as Radviliškis district municipality council member, due to ongoing process of his case related to corruption.

VTEK prad?jo tyrim? d?l Vilniaus rajono mer?s M. Rekst

Chief Official Ethics Commission of Lithuania has started an investigation on conduct of Vilnius district mayor Marija Rekst. Law on the Adjustment of Public and Private Intersts could allegedly be breached as Rekst participated in employment procedures of her niece as municipality‘s administration director.

Nušalintas Radviliškio rajono meras A. Čepononis

Antanas Čepononis has been suspended from his duties as Radviliškis district mayor, as his case over abuse of power and forgery is heard in court

Teismas paliko galioti išteisinamąjį nuosprendį V. Matuzui ir A. Romanovskiui

Lithuanian Court of Appeals ruled that the former MP Vitas Matuzas and lobbyist Andrius Romanovskis were cleared of all charges. Both had been accused for using a charity fund for receiving financial contributions from business in return to favourable decision-making in the Parliament.

Kyšininkavimu įtariamą buvusį „darbietį“ teismas nušalino nuo pareigų

Court suspended an official of State Enterprise Lithuanian Agricultural and Food Market Regulation Agency upon the investigation of corruption related to public procurement procedures.

„Auksinių šaukštų“ pardavėjai nesustoja: jau prakišo ir kitų auksinių prekių

Lithuanian company "Nota Bene" which had been black-listed after the scandal targeting overpriced deals with the Lithuanian Military and the Ministry of Defence, continues winning the bids in several large public tenders.

R. Kurlianskiui pareikšti įtarimai ir dėl neteisėto disponavimo valstybės paslaptimi ar bus suimtas E. Masiulis?

Vice-president of concern MG Baltic Romualdas Kurlianskis is also officialy suspected of unlawful possession of the information constituting a State secret (he allegedly is in possesion of some documents belonging to the State Security Department)

Visagino kultūros centro direktorės byla keliauja į teismą

Director of local culture center is accused of abuse of power and forgery related to public procurement procedure.


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