Nach Panama-Enth?llung: Zehntausende?Isl?nder fordern R?cktritt ihres Premiers

After Panama revelation: Tens of thousands of Icelanders demand resignation of its prime minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson.
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Datenleak: Diese M?chtigen tauchen in den Panama Papers auf

The revelations of shell companies in Panama set several incumbent leaders under pressure. They have to explain why their names - or names of close confidants - appear in the documents.

R?cktritt vom R?cktritt: Islands Premier gibt Amtsgesch?fte nur vor?bergehend ab

The by the Panama Papers criticism Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson Davíð do not want to give up his government office permanently. He only suggested that his deputy Ingi Jóhannsson temporarily take over the government office.
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Island: Der Regierungschef stolpert ?ber Panama-Papers

Iceland Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigned. It is the first time a head of goverment left office caused by the Panama Papers. According to the documents Gunnlaugsson owned an offshore company worth several million Euros. Before becoming an politician he sold it to his wife for one dollar.
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Islandci se ne dajo: zahtevajo takoj?en odstop vlade in volitve

Protesters in Iceland demand resignation of government due to allegations of several government members being involved in Panama paper scandal.

Kauza Panama Papers má první velkou oběť, islandský premiér rezignoval

Icelandic Prime Minister Davíd Gunnlaugsson, implicated in the cause of Panama Papers, resigned under pressure. He became the first victim of this scandal among statesmen. A few hours earlier asked the president to dissolve parliament as head of state refused.

Iceland Prime Minister not resigning over Panama Papers, just stepping aside for unspecified amount of time

The Icelandic Prime Minister has not resigned but stepped aside

Icelandic PM quits over offshore firm

Icelandic Prime Minister has resigned over links to an offshore firm he had not declared

Iceland Prime Minister quits over Panama Papers tax haven scandal

The Prime Minister of Iceland has resigned following the Panama Papers leaks

Labour demands tax haven inquiry

British Labour Party to demand an independent inquiry into Britons linked to tax haven allegations


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