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Žalobci, policisté, politici. Vyšetřovací komise má seznam, koho chce vyslechnout

In connection with the reorganisation of the police, the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission compiled a list of people they will be questioned: chief prosecutor Ivo Istvan and his deputy Pavel Komarek, Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman, Prague Chief Prosecutor Lenka Bradacova, Police President Tomas Tuhy and his deputy Zdenek Laube, a former police officers Robert Slachta and Jiri Komarek, Anti-corruption Police Chief Jaroslav Vilda, ending director of Civilian Counterintelligence Jiri Lang, director of General Inspection of Security forces Michal Murin and Milan Chovanec, the Minister of Interior.

Dalík účelově nabízel to, co nemohl zařídit. Ale o korupci nejde, píše soudce

When M. Dalik asked for more than 480 million, he did not act as a lobbyist but attempted fraud. It is also the reason for which he was sent for four years to prison. Supreme Court Justice Martin Zelenka says that Dalik purposefully and illegally offered something that he could not arranged in any way. Dalik was condemned for demand of three times six million euros for continuing of Pandur armored personnel carriers's delivery for the Czech army.

Inspekce prověří, jestli Babiš neměl interní informace ÚOOZ

General inspection of security forces (GIBS) began to investigate whether Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Andrej Babis (hnuti ANO) has an internal information from the Organised Crime Combating Unit (UOOZ). In doing so, A. Babis publicly advocated this Unit and for its planned merger with the Corruption and Financial Crime Combating Unit he threatened to leave his political party from the government.

Chovanec: Změny jsem dnes podepsal. Policie se nesmí stát divizí Agrofertu

Minister of Interior Milan Chovanec (CSSD) signed organizational changes in the structure of the Police of the Czech Republic which he previously consulted with the prime minister of the Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka. Hnutí ANO (YES movement) in response promptly convened by the Bureau, which will consider whether to terminate the government coalition agreement. Due to changes in the police it was convened the National Security Council on Tuesday and the heads of the coalition parties, but they didn't found common ground.

Živě: Nervózní Tuhý prchl před novináři, rezignovat nehodlá. Spor má vyřešit bezpečnostní rada státu

Changing police structure in the form of merging Unit for Combating Organized Crime (UOOZ) and Unit for Combating Corruption and Financial Crime Unit (UOKFK) provoked a crisis in the police and the government coalition. Chief of the Unit for Combating Organized Crime, Robert Šlachta, resigned because he disagrees combining both Units.Police President Tomáš Tuhý refused any misconduct and he doesn't intend to resign.

Protikorupční policie zajistila u obviněného v kauze Savova 640 miliónů korun

Anti-corruption police seized 640 million CZK in the bank account of one of the accused in the case of Octavian, which concerns tax evasion. In case Octavian is prosecuted 11 people, one of them is a businessman Frantisek Savov, who stays in London and resist his extradition to Czech Republic.
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Část opozice chce prokazování původu majetku zpřísnit, pravice zamítnout

Part of the government opposition propose tightening the government's proposal for establishing proof of origin of the property. Financial authorities should be able to seek the origin of property until 25 years ago. The law in the form approved by the government gives financial officials chance to compare the amount of property tax return. If value of unlisted property xceeds seven million CZK, financial authorities prompts the taxpayer to prove the origin of the property.

Čtyři roky natvrdo a čtyři milióny. Soud Dalíkovi zmírnil trest za pandury

The Appeals Court mitigated lobbyist Marek Dalik's five-year sentence by one year. Dalik is condemned for his request for a bribe of half a billion CZK in connection with the purchase of Pandur armored carriers. According to the final judgment, the lobbyist will go to jail for four years ago, he has to pay four million CZK, which is about a million less than the original judgment of the Prague Municipal Court. mitigate punishment

B?val? ?editel dota?n?ho ??adu se rozhodl mluvit. Uk?zal na starostu?

Former director of the Office of the subsidy Petr Kusnierz, who is facing indictment of the machinations with EU subsidies, and who still denied his guilt, he decided to speak. Kusnierz reportedly offered criminologists his confession and testimony about the the participation of of politicians and businessmen for subsidy fraud.
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