Abgasaffäre: Volkswagen zahlt 1,5 Milliarden Euro für Vergleich in Kanada

Volkswagen pays 1.5 billion euros for comparison in Canada. Next step in the processing of the diesel fuel scandal: The VW Group pays up to 1.5 billion euros to Canadian car manufacturers. A further comparison in the US is still pending.
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Sector: Canada Revenue Agency To Investigate Property Tax Evasion

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is to investigate reports that real estate speculators are manipulating loopholes in the property residence rules to evade taxes.
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Sector: Canada Provides Update On Anti-Evasion Work

The Canada Revenue Authority (CRA) is auditing over 750 taxpayers with suspected links to offshore "tax havens" and investigating 20 cases of Tax Evasion, The Government has said.
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Sector: Canada Releases CbC Reporting Legislation

Canada's Finance Department has released for comment draft legislative proposals that would implement 2016 Budget measures, including a new country-by-country reporting requirement.
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Sector: Canada Begins New Anti-Tax Evasion Work

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has published a study on methods for estimating the "tax gap," as part of a broader government commitment to establishing a figure for Canada. In April, the Government announced it would invest more than CAD444m (USD343m) to enhance The CRA's ability to detect, audit, and prosecute tax evaders.
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Volkswagen emissions scandal

In fall 2015 it was uncovered that Volkswagen used an illegal defeat device in the motor control of their diesel vehicles to avoid the US emission standards. According to Volkswagen AG this software is in use in eleven million vehicles worldwide.

Three men in UK court on insider dealing charges

Three men appeared in a London court charged with using inside information to trade in technology company Logica shares during its Canadian takeover in 2012
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