Trafficking of Influence

Acuzaţii grave de corupţie pentru consilierul personal al primarului Andrei Chiliman

Emanoil Bocean, personal advisor to First Sector Mayor Andrei Chiliman and coordinator of the Local Police was is charged with continuous traffic of influence.
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Prokurat?ra po patikrinimo atnaujino ikiteismin? tyrim? d?l ?BOD Group?

Prosecutor General‘s Office has decided to renew the investigation of allegedly fraudulent activities by company „BOD Group“ . The decision has been made during other investigation of alleged trafficking of power and abuse of office carried by Gedvydas Vainauskas and Antanas Zabulis. It is suspected that the were activities trying to affect the investigation by giving a bribe.

Teismui perduota prekybos poveikiu byla – kaltinimai pareikšti G.Vainauskui ir A.Zabuliui

The case of Gedvydas Vainauskas, the head of media group „Lietuvos Rytas“ and Antanas Zabulis, who are suspected of trafficking of influence, reaches the court. Vainauskas could have had allegedly asked a leader of a party „Tvarka ir Teisingumas“ Rolandas Paksas, current member of the European Parliament to influence officials of an institution coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment.

Kratos, sulaikymai ir įtarimai milijonų eurų vertės sutarties pasirašyti nesutrukdė

Investigation on alleged corruption related to public procurement procedure in the State Enterprise Klaipeda State Seaport authority has not impeded the signing of the contract with „Latvijas tilti“ for 11,7 million euro

P. Gražulis apklaustas dėl prekybos poveikiu

The Special Investigation Service has questioned Member of Parliament Petras Gražulis as a witness in the case of alleged trafficiking of influence conducted by the party „Order and Justice“ ( „Tvarka ir Teisingumas“)

Nomine all'Asl di Benevento, l'ex ministro De Girolamo (Fi) rinviata a giudizio per concussione: "Mi difenderò"

According to the prosecution's theorem the former minister De Girolamo was the organizer and promoter of a "political party" directory that oriented clienteles, contracts and patronage of Benevento ASL (local health authority) according to the logic of power and electoral advantage. The trial will start on November.

Kodėl Vytautui Gapšiui turėtų būti neramu?

Prosecutors, who investigate the case of Member of Parlament Vytautas Gapšys, have described to Temporary Parlamentary commission why they seek to lift his legal immunity. They state that actions of Gapšys can have features of large scale bribery and large scale trafficking of influence.

E. Masiuliui pateikti įtarimai, skirta kardomoji priemonė

Eligijus Masiulis, ex leader of Liberal Movement party, was questioned in the General Prosecutors office, and officialy suspected of trafficking of influence, acquisition or handling of the property obtained by criminal means, and also of bribery. He was put under sworn statement not to leave.

Nustoja galioti E. Masiulio Seimo nario mandatas

The mandate of Eligijus Masiulis in the Lithuanian Parlament will be suspended on Friday. Together with it he will also lose his legal immunity. Masiulis requested to suspend his mandate and stepped down from the Liberal Movement party leader position after being suspected of taking a bribe.

G. Vainausko ir A. Zabulio byla pagrįstai grąžinta prokuratūrai

Court of Appeal of Lithuania rules that Vilnius County Court has returned the case of Gedvydas Vainauskas and Antanas Zabulis, suspected of trafficking of influence, to the prosecutros on the right grounds. The case had reached the court before the accused could have appealed the decision of the prosecutor to the judge.
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