Tax Evasion Canada Revenue Agency To Investigate Property Tax Evasion

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is to investigate reports that real estate speculators are manipulating loopholes in the property residence rules to evade taxes.
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Sector: Canada Provides Update On Anti-Evasion Work

The Canada Revenue Authority (CRA) is auditing over 750 taxpayers with suspected links to offshore "tax havens" and investigating 20 cases of Tax Evasion, The Government has said.
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Sector: Denmark To Acquire Panama Papers Data

The Danish tax authority has confirmed that it intends to purchase information leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. Danish Tax Minister Karsten Lauritzen announced in a statement on September 7 that the tax agency had been given permission to acquire the "Panama Papers" data following "broad political support" for the move.
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Sector: Australia Carries Out Panama Papers Tax Investigations

In response to analysis of data leaked as part of the Panama Papers, Australia's Serious Financial Crime Taskforce (SFCT) has carried out a "week of action" against those suspected of Tax Evasion.
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Sector: Ireland To Appeal EC's Apple Tax Ruling Decision

Ireland's Department of Finance has responded to the European commission's conclusions of its investigation into a tax ruling handed by the Irish Government to technology giant Apple, stating that the full amount of tax was paid in this case and that no state aid was provided.
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Sector: Lithuania Puts Tax Evaders In Its Crosshairs

Lithuania's Finance Minister, Rasa Budbergyte, has confirmed that next year's Budget will contain no new taxes, with new revenue to be found from anti-tax evasion measures and further tax administration improvements. In a recent speech broadcast by local radio, Budbergyte said that while the Government should continue making improvements to Lithuania's tax framework, measures to "fight against the fraudsters who avoid paying [taxes] using aggressive tax planning schemes" are just as important. Most Europeans Want Tougher Action Against Tax Fraud

Three-quarters of Europeans want the European Union to do more to tackle tax evasion, according to a new survey by Eurobarometer. The survey was conducted among 27,969 people from all member states on April 9-18, 2016. It found that Tax Evasion was considered the third most serious issue confronting the EU after terrorism (cited by 82 percent of respondents) and unemployment (77 percent).
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Sector: Canada Releases CbC Reporting Legislation

Canada's Finance Department has released for comment draft legislative proposals that would implement 2016 Budget measures, including a new country-by-country reporting requirement.
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Sector: Greek Tax Evasion Fines Approach EUR1bn

The total amount of fines handed out to Greek taxpayers with suspected undisclosed foreign assets has reached EUR810m (USD905m) as a result of recent investigations, the Government's anti-Corruption unit has announced.
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