Money Laundering

Serbia: Lawyer Testifies to Opening 150 Offshore Companies for Darko Saric

Laywer testifies that he opened 150 offshore accounts on behalf of a convicted cocaine kingpin and alleged money smuggler
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EU?s big 5 call to end shell company secrecy

The EU’s five leading economies called yesterday for a crackdown on tax havens
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Brazil Attorney General: Tourism minister 'had Swiss bank account'

Brazilian prosecutors have made a formal allegation of Tax evasion and Money Laundering against a former tourism minister

Malaysian PM's stepson bought £23m London house using troubled state fund

The stepson of the Malaysian prime minister bought £23m house in London using troubled state fund 1MDB

Former Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner indicted over currency trade that lost billions

The former president of Argentina has been charged and had her financial assets frozen over a currency trade that lost the country billions

Korruptionsskandal in Brasilien: Petrobras macht Milliardenverlust

Record loss of 8.6 billion euros for Petrobras: Brazilian oil giant is at the center of a political corruption scandal.

Brasiliens Ex-Pr?sident Lula: Ein Mann, sie zu spalten

Brazil's former president Lula is going to be indicted on disguise of property and money laundering.

Panama Papers whistle-blower breaks silence with manifesto, offers to help prosecutors

Anonymous whistleblower behind the Panama Papers offers to help authorities investigate and prosecute criminal cases that might arise in exchange for immunity

Panama Papers source breaks silence

The anonymous source behind a huge leak of confidential documents has spoken for the first time

Ultimate owners of UK property may be forced into spotlight

Off shore companies buying UK property could be forced to reveal their ultimate owners


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