Money Laundering

P?rn izmekl??anai nodotas 59 'miljonu lietas'

In 2015 over 59 cases related to millions of euros or cases in which figure large sums of money from millions have been prepared and handed to the investigating authorities according to the Parliament Defense, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee and the Department of the Prevention of Money Laundering.
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Francij? naudas atmazg??anas liet? aps?dz?bas ar? ?Rietumu bankai? un t?s prezidentam

There has been raised charge for the help of money laundering against the "West Bank" (Rietumu Banka) and its President Aleksandrs Pankovs in the extensive criminal case that has been already brought to French Prosecutor's Office. The main defendant in this case is the former executive of the company Nadavs Bensusāns who is also recognized as the "offshore king" in France.
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Biju?? finan?u policista Dirn?na ?imenes liet? ?etri aizdom?s turamie

There have been tens of raids and four suspected persons in the criminal investigation of transactions between family members of the former State Revenue Service (VID) Financial police officer Roberts Dirnēns. As reported, Dirnēns and relatives of his brother Kaspars Aleksandrovs own significant real estates and expensive cars. The origin of money resources is unknown and there is a suspicion that it has been gained in the schemes of money laundering and afterwards legalized by buying properties. Dirnēns and his brother assert that they have inherited almost a half of million euros and a number of properties from their deceased mother.
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Lietā par naudas atmazgāšanu Belokoņam piederošajā bankā notikusi kratīšana

There has been a performed raid by the Economic Police involving special forces "Omega" in the "Baltic International Bank" in Riga, Old Town. The bank is owned by Valērijs Belkoņs. Investigators confirmed that the raid has been carried out regarding criminal proceedings of money laundering in a group.

Seimo nario R. A. Ru?io nelie?iamyb? Seime panaikinta pa?eid?iant Konstitucij?

The resolution of Lithuanian parliament, lifting the legal immunity of Member of Parliament R. A. Ručys, has been declared unconstitutional by the Lithuanian Constitutional Court. He has been suspected of trafficking influence . Later his party „Order and justice“ (Tvarka ir teisingumas) also has been suspected with trafficking influence and money laundering, as a legal entity.

Nordkorea auf Platz eins: Die EU-Liste der größten Geldwäscheländer

The European Commission wants to step up the fight against tax avoidance, terrorist financing and money laundering and has proposed legislative changes. The core element is a list of high-risk countries. No. 1: North Korea and notorious tax havens didn't even appear. The reason: The list is based on how the legal situation in a country looks - and less on how these laws are implemented.

Corruzione, 24 arresti tra evasione e tangenti. Indagato deputato Antonio Marotta (Ncd). Legami con “altissime cariche istituzionali”

Antonio Marotta (center-right party deputy) is under investigation for ties to high-ranking institutions. 24 arrests for evasion and bribery. The alleged crimes: association for conspiracy, tax fraud, corruption, money laundering to fraud against the State and embezzlement.

Romania: Four Government Officials Prosecuted for Organized Crime

The ministers of four different government agencies in Romania have been charged with setting up an Organized Crime group as well as abuse of office and complicity with Embezzlement in relation to the privatization of a state-owned oil refinery.

Spain: Russian Money Laundering Ring Dismantled

Spanish Civil Guard deals major blow to money laundering ring with connections to two Russian crime syndicates
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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Key Suspect in Bobar Bank Fraud Case Arrested

A Key Suspect was arrested in what is suspected to be the largest and most complex post-war financial scam case in the country


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