Misuse of Public Position

DNA: Aproape 1.500 de inculpați trimiși în judecată în dosare de abuz în serviciu în ultimii 10 ani

The National Anticorruption Directorate notified the Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR) regarding decriminalizing the abuse of office, a potential decision that magistrate from the CCR will take next week. Such a decision would jeopardize court decisions indicting approximately 1500 defendants over the past 10 years for abuse of office.

Ploriņš atstādināts no jaunā amata Austrumu slimnīcā

The former executive of the Emergency Medical Service (NMPD) Armands Ploriņš recently had been confirmed at his new position at Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital. Yet, he has been suspended from it. The board of the hospital had received documents from the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) and the Ministry of Health that he can not perform his duties in full amount for a certain time.
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Birokrātijas apkarošanas centrs konstatējis interešu konflikta riskus 'Rīgas satiksmes' darbībā

Recently the Bureaucracy Combating Centre (BAC) of Riga City Council evaluated anti-corruption plan of year 2014 of SIA "Riga Traffic" and found that in certain situations the manager Leons Bemhens and other board memebers, possibly, have came to a situations related to a conflict of interest. To add, one situation is about the procedure of cell phones, their connection number, the procedure of internet allocation and use order of phones. Furthermore, the conflict of interest could be also in calculating methodology of consumption rate of a fuel and in accounting and in writing-off procedures.

Ku?inskis neizsl?dz piesegu 'no aug?as' VID un policijas milzu mahin?cij?m

Major corruption scandals have recently emerged at the State Revenue Service (VID) and the Police. The Prime Minister of Latvia Māris Kučinskis in the interview does not exclude that possible dishonest employees of VID and the Police are "covered form the top". He also asserts that this situation could be the outcome of the lack of control and, possibly, as we are a small nation, we know each other and want to mercy.

KNAB uzsācis kriminālprocesu pret Saldus novada bāriņtiesas amatpersonām

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) informs that they have initiated criminal proceedings against officials from Saldus District Orphan's Court for the unlawful use of allocated funding. Suspected persons have been adjusted with unrelated features of custodial security.

J?rmalgeitas desmit gadi ? vecie netikumi un joproj?m mekl??an? eso?ie tirgo?i

In 2006 a television broadcast published phone conversations of persons who were involved in the Jūrmala City bribery case. At that time the case had been transfered already before the court when about a year later (in 2007) two of defendants car merchant Germans Milušs and the former Jūrmala Mayor Juris Hlevickis were sentenced with five year imprisonment. By contrast, the deputy candidate of the party "New Center" (Jaunais Centrs) of Jūrmala City Council candidate Gvido Harijs Volbrugs was punished with a suspended term of imprisonment of three years. However, there was also the fourth person - accused deputy candidate of the same party Leonīds Lasmanis who disappeared during the trial. Therefore, the court has decided to distribute proceedings against Lasmanis seperately.

VID sensit?vo amatu sarakst? iek?auti 1788 amati

State Revenue Service (VID) has developed a list of the most corruptive positions that includes 1788 sensitive places.
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Zem VID darbinieku uzraugu lupas ? ar? dienest? str?d?jo?o tuvinieki

Employees suspected about offenses in the State Revenue Service (VID) will not be transfered to other positions but brought to justice. In order to catch those kind of employees, there is developed special system in VID that monitors employees and actions of their relatives.
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Par kuku??em?anu aiztur?ti tr?s VID darbinieki

In the case of probable bribe acceptance and misuse of public position the Financial Police Internal Security Division of the State Revenue Service (VID) has detained three employees of VID. The offenses are related to the recovery work of VID.
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