Tangenti, presi due ufficiali della Marina: mazzette anche dopo gli arresti dei loro colleghi a Taranto

Taranto: two naval officers arrested for grafts. Investigators support the thesis that the system of bribes going on for years and caused severe damage to the individual companies and to the entire local economy. At least a dozen companies forced to pay the bribe fixed, in the "system of 10 percent".
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Parlament gegen Pr?sidentin in Brasilien: Aufstand der Scheinheiligen

Brazil's Congress shows true colors and votes for impeachment of President Rousseff. Even if there are investigations against nearly 60 percent of the 594 members of Congress, partly because of corruption, vote-buying, kidnapping and murder.

Korruptionsskandal in Brasilien: Oberstes Gericht setzt Parlamentspr?sident Cunha ab

Supreme Court disposes Brazil's Parliament President Eduardo Cunha. The opponent of head of state Rousseff should have hindered bribery investigation.

Korruptionsskandal: Brasiliens Justiz nimmt Rousseff und Lula ins Visier

In conjunction with the corruption scandal of the oil company Petrobras the Brazilian Justice wants to determine against President Rousseff and her predecessor Lula.

Fifa corruption scandal: US releases three guilty plea transcripts

A US judge released transcripts of guilty please from three defendants in the FIFA corruption scandal investigation

Impeachment blow to Brazil's Rousseff

Brazilian committee votes that impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff should go ahead
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Fifa in fresh turmoil after new arrests bring number indicted up to 27

New arrests bring number indicted up to 27 including five current or former members of Fifa’s executive committee.
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