Politikė bus teisiama dėl dokumentų klastojimo nustatant negalią

A politician, ex Member of the Council of Šiauliai municipality Virginija Račienė is accused of alleged fraud and forgery which had allowed her to receive non lawful compensations. A Medic of Republican Šiauliai hospital and a medic Šiauliai central outpatient clinic who allegedly helped are also accused

Nušalintas Radviliškio rajono meras A. Čepononis

Antanas Čepononis has been suspended from his duties as Radviliškis district mayor, as his case over abuse of power and forgery is heard in court

Visagino kultūros centro direktorės byla keliauja į teismą

Director of local culture center is accused of abuse of power and forgery related to public procurement procedure.

„Šiaulių plento“ byloje trys įtariamieji suimti dviem mėnesiams

The court allows to arrest two managers of „Šiaulių plentas“ and an official of The Lithuanian Road Administration suspected with corruption in public procurement.

New €50 note will not end forgeries, says German police chief

The chairman of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, has warned that the new €50 note will not be completely safe from forgers. EurActiv Germany reports.
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Parliament establishes committee of inquiry into Dieselgate scandal

The European Parliament voted today (17 March) to launch a committee of inquiry into the Volkswagen emissions scandal, with a mandate to investigate the failures of the Commission and Member States to enforce EU legislation.
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O?Brien loses fight against sentence

Former businessman Breifne O’Brien has lost an appeal against his seven-year jail sentence for inducing others to advance millions of euro to him for investment in bogus property deals.
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Traukiasi pagarsėjęs Kauno savivaldybės įmonės vadovas

Director of municipality enterprise „Automobilių stovėjimo aikštelės“ (ASA) Algimantas Puidokas, stepped down from his office. He is accused in a case which also involves ex vice-mayor of Kaunas Kęstutis Kriščiūnas. Puidokas allegedly has paid for repairing vice-mayors car from enterprise money.

Įtarimų šešėlio temdomas J. Milius pripažįsta padaręs klaidą

Jonas Milius, director of State Food and Veterinary Service admits that he was compiling annual declarations on income and properties not in a thorough way. He is suspected of abuse of power and forgery. There were searches in his workplace, as well in the workplace of Member of Parlament Petras Gražulis , company Judex, and Kaunas branch of National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute. It is suspected that executives of Judex in order to avoid fines have tried to bribe various responsible officials or persons who could influence such officials.

Prokuratūra sprendžia, ar kreiptis į teismą dėl J.Miliaus nušalinimo

Prosecutors to decide whether to ask the court to suspend Jonas Milius, director of State Food and Veterinary Service. He is suspected of abuse of power and forgery. At the moment he is under sworn statement not to leave the country and has a list of persons he is not allowed to communicate with.


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