Urteil: 18 Monate fuer Elektromeister nach Korruption bei Saar-Landesamt

18 months imprisonment on probation, the regional court Saarbrücken in the second corruption process around the Landesamt for Central Services (LZD) against the head of a Saarbrücken electrical company. He must also pay 15,000 euros to the state fund.

Verdaechtige Auftragsvergabe bei der Tegel Projekt

Nepotism suspects at Flughafen GmbH - Suspicious contract award at the Tegel project. A business of the rural Tegel project raises a lot of questions. The order of 240,000 euros was given to the company of a senior employee.
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Statybas ant kvarco klodų įteisinančios pataisos - tik Anykščių šiltnamiams

The amendments to the Undeground Law allegedly could have been proposed in order to facilitate the activities of private investment to build constructions of greenhouses on the location of unique underground recources of quartz sand

Korupcijos vėžys rijo ir kovotojus su vėžiu (Aktualijos)

Lithuanian National Cancer Institute is suspected of having transfered significant subsidy amounts to several companies, linked to the son of the director of the institute, and its Head of Economy Department.

VRM pradėjo tyrimą dėl protegavimo VST

Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior began an internal investigation on possible favouritism in Public Security Office. Some Office employees allegedly misused their public position when appointing friends or relatives in several positions.

Teismas paliko galioti išteisinamąjį nuosprendį V. Matuzui ir A. Romanovskiui

Lithuanian Court of Appeals ruled that the former MP Vitas Matuzas and lobbyist Andrius Romanovskis were cleared of all charges. Both had been accused for using a charity fund for receiving financial contributions from business in return to favourable decision-making in the Parliament.

Filzverdacht bei Flughafen GmbH: Verdächtige Auftragsvergabe bei der Tegel Projekt

Suspicious business at Flughafen GmbH: The company of a senior employee received an order of 240,000 euros.
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Malaysian PM cleared of corruption over ?500m payment from Saudi royals

Malaysia's prime minister Najib Razak was today cleared of Corruption as the country’s top prosecutor ruled that nearly £500million he received in his bank account was a personal donation from the Saudi royal family.
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Luxury en-suite cell found in Paraguay prison

Police in Paraguay raided a drug lord's prison cell, only to find he was living a life of luxury. In the three-room cell, they found a conference room, plasma screen television, library and kitchen.
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