Facilitation Payment

Missing tax refunds from Zambian government directly affects mining communities

The Kansanshi mine , owned by Kansanshi Mining PLC and ZCCM, is still waiting to receive millions of US dollars in Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds from the Zambian Revenue Agency. Despite claims that a payment of around ZMK 857,005,562 (USD $85,700,556) was made to the mining company, Kansanshi Mining argued that no VAT refunds were received in 2014. This information was revealed by analysing seven Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) reports published from 2008-2014, which hold information on over forty companies making payment disclosures each year.

Korruptionsskandal: Petrobras k?rzt Investitionen um 32 Milliarden Dollar

Corruption scandal in Brazil: Petrobras cuts investment by 32 billion dollars.

Siemens: Schmiergeldprozess verschoben - Anklageschrift nicht übersetzt

Ex-Siemens manager are accused of facilitation payments in Greece. Now the process is delayed indefinitely - because the arraignment hasn't been translated yet.
Corruption Problem: 

Rasnačs: NA atmaksās maksātnespējas administratora Sprūda tēva ziedojumu

In the next days political party "National Association" will deduct back a 10 000 euros donation to father of insolvency administrator Māris Sprūds because that kind of donation casts a shadow on the association. Māris Sprūds himself stated that the doantion from his father means that he supports "nationally conservative values". He denied that the donation would be associated with any attempt to influence the regulation of the sector.

KNAB Austrumu slimnīcā veic pārbaudi

The Prosecutor' s Office of Riga City Vidzeme District has decided to prosecute and held criminally liable seven people from the medical staff of VSIA Riga Eastern Clinical Hospital of University (Austrumu Slimnīca). As informed, one person has been accused about inactivity of public official, four persons are held criminally liable for requesting and accepting unlawful benefits. While two persons are accused about process organisation of requesting and accepting unlawful benefits.

'LNK Group' īpašnieki ziedojuši Šlesera pārstāvētajām partijām

The owners of the company "LNK Group" Milovi family once have donated 52 644 euros to the political forces represented by former politician Ainars Slesers. Overall, in 2010 the chairman of the board of "LNK Group" Aleksandrs Milovs donated 25 611 euros to the political association "Par Labu Latviju" ("For a Good Latvia"). In 2009 the chairperson of the management board Artjoms Milovs donated to "Šlesera Reformu partijai LPP/LC" ("Reform Party of Slesers LPP/LC") and the assistent of the chairman of the board Vadims Milovs to this no more existing party allocated 14 228 euros.
Corruption Problem: 

KNAB investigations on LNK Industries

In June 2016 the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) of Latvia together with the Special Investigation Service of Lithuania (STT) arrested and later released the "Latvijas Tilti" Chairman of the Board Mr. Genadijs Kamkalovs and several employees of "LNK Industries". The arrested persons were suspected of bribery and misuse of public position.

Regierungskrise in Brasilien: Oberster Bundesrichter stoppt Lulas Berufung ins Kabinett

Brazil's former president Lula was on the verge of becoming cabinet head head of state Rousseff - which now has the highest federal judge initially prevented.

Regierungskrise in Brasilien: Erst Boom, jetzt Chaos

The judiciary rejected the appointment of ex-president Lula to cabinet chief. Later, the decision was overturned by a federal court again.


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