Facilitating Tax Evasion

Panama Papers prompt US to boost transparency rules

The US Treasury Department prompted to push through law change of bank treatment of company ownership
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FCA asks firms to check for Panama link

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has written to 20 banks asking them to check if they have links to the Panamanian law firm at the centre of the Panama Papers scandal

Panama Papers firm 'victim of hack'

A partner at the Panamanian law firm at the centre of the Panama Leaks claims it was the victim of a hack by servers based abroad
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Iceland Prime Minister not resigning over Panama Papers, just stepping aside for unspecified amount of time

The Icelandic Prime Minister has not resigned but stepped aside

PM 'won't get offshore funds in future'

Downing Street has clarified that the Prime Minister 'won't gain from off-shore funds in future'

Iceland Prime Minister quits over Panama Papers tax haven scandal

The Prime Minister of Iceland has resigned following the Panama Papers leaks

French firm owner denies Panama link

A french firm has denied allegations of moving money offshore

Banks deny claims they helped avoid tax

International Banks have denied claims they helped clients avoid tax using offshore arrangements

Labour demands tax haven inquiry

British Labour Party to demand an independent inquiry into Britons linked to tax haven allegations

Cameron under pressure over tax havens

British Prime Minister under pressure to stop Crown Dependencies and British overseas territories being used as tax havens
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