Šiaulių savivaldybės tarnautojui gresia nušalinimas

The prosecutors request the suspension for an official of Šiauliai municipality arrested in the case of public procurement corruption. He allegedy received a bribe amounting to more than 9500 Eur and other gain for him and his family members, for favorable conditions of public procurement to company „Šiaulių plentas“

„Šiaulių plento“ byloje trys įtariamieji suimti dviem mėnesiams

The court allows to arrest two managers of „Šiaulių plentas“ and an official of The Lithuanian Road Administration suspected with corruption in public procurement.

P. Gražulis apklaustas dėl prekybos poveikiu

The Special Investigation Service has questioned Member of Parliament Petras Gražulis as a witness in the case of alleged trafficiking of influence conducted by the party „Order and Justice“ ( „Tvarka ir Teisingumas“)

Buvusį K.Komskio padėjėją už prekybą poveikiu siūloma nuteisti lygtine bausme

Prosecutors request suspended 4 year sentence for Gediminas Miliauskas, former assistant to Deputy Speaker of the Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament) Kęstas Komskis for alleged peddling of influence . He allegedly received a bribe for influencing decision of The Directorate General of State Forests related to employment.

P3, pm chiede 4 anni per il plurimputato Denis Verdini. Nove anni e sei mesi per Flavio Carboni

Rome prosecutors requested 18 convictions in a trial into the so-called P3 case, a secret cabal that sought to exert undue influence on the State. Charges range from criminal association to corruption and abuse of power.

V. Gapšiui - įtarimai prekyba poveikiu ir kyšininkavimu įtarimai - dėl 25 tūkst. eurų

Ex member of Parliament Vytautas Gapšys is officialy suspected of peddling influence and receiving a bribe amounting to 25 000 Eur for decisions which would favour business concern "MG Baltic"

L’inchiesta sull’affare immondizia di Banca Etruria: il direttore dell’Ato “a disposizione” e il prezzo della corruzione in bolletta

Investigation in the waste management sector in Italy: a new case of bribery and conflict of interest related to a tender of 3,5 billion, the price of corruption was paid by citizens.

Südkoreas Präsidentin Park: "Alles meine Schuld"

Just recently, South Korea's President Park has reorganised her ministry, now she excuses: the corruption scandal breaks her heart, she can hardly forgive herself.
Corruption Problem: 

Korruptionsaffäre bei ThyssenKrupp: Manager Wegmann räumt Fehler ein

Corruption affair at ThyssenKrupp: The fraud allegations against the ThyssenKrupp subsidiary TKIS has obviously consequences. Chief Jens Michael Wegmann admits at least one mistake. An internal investigation is initiated.
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Korruptionsaffäre: Südkoreas Präsidentin bildet Kabinett um

Corruption Affair: South Korea's President Park Geun Hye remodels the cabinet. She is currently under the criticism for the corruption affair of a confidant.
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