Teismas: Radviliškio meras A. Čepononis negali eiti tarybos nario pareigų

Court has suspended Antanas Čepononis from his duties as Radviliškis district municipality council member, due to ongoing process of his case related to corruption.

Kyšininkavimu įtariamą buvusį „darbietį“ teismas nušalino nuo pareigų

Court suspended an official of State Enterprise Lithuanian Agricultural and Food Market Regulation Agency upon the investigation of corruption related to public procurement procedures.

Visagino kultūros centro direktorės byla keliauja į teismą

Director of local culture center is accused of abuse of power and forgery related to public procurement procedure.

Sulaikytas Rusijos ekonomikos plėtros ministras, įtariamas paėmęs 2 mln. dolerių kyšį  

Minister of Economic development of Russia Aleksej Uliakajv has been detained during an operation carried by FSB upon allegations of having asked and received a bribe amounting to 2 million US dollars. The bribe is allegedly related to a transaction of oil company „Rosneft“ – bribe was allegedly given for permission of acquisition of government controlled oil company „Bashneft“.

Polit-Skandal in Südkorea: Ermittler durchsuchen Samsung-Büros in Seoul

The affair surrounding South Korea's President Park Geun Hye has now also consequences for Samsung: The company has been targeted by the prosecutor's office. According to media reports, Samsung is said to have surrendered 2.8 million euros under the pretext of a consulting contract to a company Chois in Germany. Choi is accused of having an influence on the government's work. She was arrested last Thursday for suspected fraud and abuse of power.

Wechsel nach Barcelona: Verdacht auf Korruption - Neymar muss vor Gericht

Suspected of corruption - Neymar has to appear in court. Was Corruption involved in the transfer of football star Neymar from FC Santos to FC Barcelona? This is what the prosecutor's office in Madrid says. A trial against the striker is very likely.
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Politskandal in Südkorea: Die falsche Vertraute

Polite scandal in South Korea: More than a million South Koreans protested against their president during the weekend. Park Geun Hye is said to have been controlled by an alleged shaman. The close friendship could now cost her the office.
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Russischer Wirtschaftsminister wegen Bestechungsvorwurf festgenommen

Russian Minister of Economics arrested for bribery allegation: he is alleged of accepting bribes of two million US dollar (1.85 million euro) and having agreed the partial privatization of oil company Bashneft in return.
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Korruptionsverdacht: Russischer Wirtschaftsminister festgenommen

The procedure is unprecedented: secret service employees have arrested the current Russian minister of economic affairs. Alexei Uljukaev is accused of accepting bribes in millions.
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Korruption in Polen: Im Selbstbedienungsladen

Corrution in Poland: The right-wing conservative PiS party wanted to end the nepotism in public enterprises. Now it becomes clear: since they are in power, the Conservatives themselves occupy lucrative posts rigorously with followers.


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