Collusion/ Cartel /Price Fixing

Angebliche Preisabsprachen: Kartellamt ermittelt gegen VW, Daimler und Co.

Cartel office investigates against Volkswagen, Daimler and others for alleged price fixing.
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Schadensersatzklage: Schlecker-Insolvenzverwalter will Millionen von Lieferanten

The insolvency administrator of the former drugstore chain Schlecker calls nine-figure compensation from former suppliers like Henkel and Tchibo. They are accused for illegal price fixing.
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Mafia, chiesta condanna per senatore D’Alì: è accusato di concorso esterno

Asked the condemnation for Senator D'Ali, accused of collusion with Cosa Nostra. He would have a key role in the management of contracts for major public works, like Castellammare del Golfo port and interventions for the America's Cup in Trapani.

Spiegošanas skandāls lidostā Rīga beidzies ar čiku

One of the biggest spying scandals at Riga International Airport after the investigation of Security Police of two and a half years has ended with nothing. The criminal proceedings have been terminated against the most initially suspected person - the former security department manager of the airport Raimonds Lazdiņš. As reported before, in 2013 the board of the airport became aware of eavesdrop and decided to suspend three employees - Reinis Lazdiņš (who before worked as an advisor about security issues for the former Prime Minister Aigars Kalvītis) and two of his subordinates the former police officer Ints Rubežs and the former employee Andris Savko of Riga Central Prison. Therefore, the criminal proceeding were initiated by the Security Police.

Mafia Capitale, al via il maxiprocesso: alla sbarra Carminati e tutti i suoi uomini

Nekā personīga: IUB sācis pārbaudi par aizdomīgu Jūrmalas domes pasūtījumu

Procurement Monitoring Bureau (IUB) has started examining suspicious procurment of Jūrmala City Council. The council had announced a street maintanance competition of three million euros. However, during the evaluation of the competition a representative of the Green Farmers Union (ZZS) won but the pretender company "A.C.B." with the best offered price was unexpectedly excluded.

Distrust at Riga International Airport

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has worked out a report of the functional audit about the implementation of procurement procedures at the Riga International Airport. The Council of the airport has lost trust of two members of the board after seeing it because of suspicious actions in accordance with personal interests.

Russische Firma erstattet Strafanzeige gegen Ex-RWE-Chef Grossmann

A Russian company has filed a complaint against Juergen Grossmann for collusion.
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Volkswagen emissions scandal

In fall 2015 it was uncovered that Volkswagen used an illegal defeat device in the motor control of their diesel vehicles to avoid the US emission standards. According to Volkswagen AG this software is in use in eleven million vehicles worldwide.

Gyanús buszcserék Pécsett

The local authorities of Pécs bought buses for a higher price (+700 million forints through an intermediary named Tüke Busz Ltd.


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