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Tennis match-fixing allegations were ignored, claims BBC probe

Tennis chiefs have been accused of failing to heed warnings of widespread match-fixing at the top level of the game, according to an investigation carried out by The BBC and BuzzFeed.
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Match-fixing in tennis: Claims that evidence of alleged match-fixing was suppressed rejected by tennis chiefs

Tennis authorities have rejected claims they deliberately suppressed evidence of widespread match-fixing at the top level of the sport.
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EU opens investigation into biofuel benchmark fixing

The European commission said on Monday (7 December) that it had opened a formal antitrust investigation to look into suspicions that three ethanol producers have colluded to manipulate benchmark prices used by the industry.

Italy mafia arrests linked to Milan Expo

Contracts for several pavilions at Milan Expo are thought to have been targeted by the Mafia. Italian police have arrested 11 people amid allegations that the Mafia won contracts in last year's Milan Expo global commercial fair, reports say.

Trotz Bedenken des Kartellamts: Gabriel erlaubt Fusion von Edeka und Tengelmann

Federal Minister for Economic Sigmar Gabriel will approve the controversial takeover of supermarket chain Kaiser's Tengelmann by the retail giant Edeka - by ministerial permission and against the will of the Federal Cartel Authority.
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Crescita, studio Bce: “Corruzione e scarso rispetto delle leggi fanno ristagnare il pil. Nonostante le riforme”

For ECB, the low "institutional quality" has a direct negative effect on the economy. And Italy is second last in the ranking, far away not only from the most virtuous countries but also from the Eurozone average. "Corruption and lack of respect for the laws they stagnate the GDP. Despite the reforms"

Geheimabsprachen im Landtag Ba-Wü: „Sie müssen es halt so nehmen“

Collusion in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg: Winfried Kretschmann held subsidiary agreements with the coalition partner CDU secret from the public. In these 42 projects have been agreed by the housebuilding to digitization with a total cost of over EUR 2 billion.

Gestoppte Übernahme: Gabriel attackiert Tengelmann-Richter

According to the court Sigmar Gabriel may not have approved the assumption of Tengelmann by Edeka. Now the minister of economy accuses the judges of false factual allegations.

Fusion von Edeka und Tengelmann: Gabriel weist Vorwürfe zurück

Fusion of Edeka and Tengelmann: Sigmar Gabriel rejects the allegations of collusion.


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