Clientelism/ Patronage

Insight - VW scandal exposes cosy ties between industry and Berlin

Angela Merkel learned early in her political career that taking on the German car industry carries risks. It was the spring of 1995 and the newly appointed environment minister was trying to convince her cabinet colleagues to back a bold new set of anti-smog rules that included tougher speed limits and summer driving bans.

Ruzyňské čekání na Dalíka skončilo. Dorazil k výkonu trestu

Lobbyist Marek Dalík arrived at the prison in Prague Ruzyně on Thursday. He arrived shortly before 16 o'clock, which was the deadline for his accession to prison. Dalík was sentenced to a four years imprisonment and a four-million fine for attempted fraud. He was found guilty of asking the representatives of Austrian Steyr arms factory for a 18 million euros bribe, in exchange for influencing governments decisions on the purchase of armored personnel carriers for the Czech army. However Dalík refuses being guilty and he filed an appeal to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has not discussed the case yet and the appeal does not have a suspensive effect on the execution of Dalik´s sentence.

The election fraud allegations – and how they expose our broken campaign spending rules

As Labour is dragged in to the battle of the battle buses, is it time to question the law on election spending?

Nomine all'Asl di Benevento, l'ex ministro De Girolamo (Fi) rinviata a giudizio per concussione: "Mi difenderò"

According to the prosecution's theorem the former minister De Girolamo was the organizer and promoter of a "political party" directory that oriented clienteles, contracts and patronage of Benevento ASL (local health authority) according to the logic of power and electoral advantage. The trial will start on November.

Vatileaks: the Wolves of Trastevere

Vatican is accused of clientalism and corruption
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Alan Kelly faces ?serious questions? over meeting with company that won state tender

MINISTER FOR THE Environment Alan Kelly has serious questions to answer; over his meeting last December with a company that was subsequently the most successful bidder in a state tender.

US election: Trump adviser denies Ukraine 'cash payments'

Donald Trump's top aide has denied receiving "payments" from the former Russian-backed Ukrainian government.

Italy mafia arrests linked to Milan Expo

Contracts for several pavilions at Milan Expo are thought to have been targeted by the Mafia. Italian police have arrested 11 people amid allegations that the Mafia won contracts in last year's Milan Expo global commercial fair, reports say.

Angelino Alfano, il problema del ministro Ncd è il fratello Alessandro: dalle indagini sulla laurea all’assunzione alle Poste

Alessandro Alfano (Interior Minister younger brother) had a survey on his fake degree, he won the competition by the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Trapani and in 2013 he was appointed Director of Business Development Postecom spa: only the first step of a meteoric career entirely internal to the Italian Post Office Group.

Corruzione Roma, l’intercettazione: “Il padre di Alfano mi ha mandato 80 curriculum per assunzioni alle Poste”

Inquest named Labyrinth: after his brother, in the investigation of the prosecutors in Rome check also the father of Interior Minister Angelino Alfano. Who, it is said in interception contained in the request for arrest, he would send as many as 80 curriculum for recruitment to the post office.
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